EuroChoir in South Africa 2016

Eurochor concert – Kwasizabantu Mission, 7pm Saturday 5 November. Click here to watch on LiveStream. The live video is not on the KSB Livestream but on the Eurochoir’s. See the link the in the previous sentence. We will upload it to our Livestream later.

Funeral of John Powys

To read the summary of the funeral sermon and to listen to the audio click here. A memories page is on the website of Schulzendal / Malelane where John had been leading this Kwasizabantu mission. John’s favourite hymn (which was played as his coffin entered the Auditorium) is found here.  

Easter services 2016

There are at least 5000 attending the Kwasizabantu Easter Services. (Note: very brief summaries follow below. To order the recording of the services email to Resurrection Sunday 11am: Service and Holy Communion. Rev Stegen read from 1Cor 5:7-8 about our Passover Lamb. The Israelites had their Passover Lamb that they had to partake of…

Cedar College of Education Graduation, 21 March 2015

CCE is linked to North-West University and once a year those who achieved that B.Ed degrees the previous year, come back to Kwasizabantu Mission for the official graduation. Since the students do the North-West University’s curriculum they are also issued degrees by the appropriate officials from NWU. Officials were: Prof Robert Balfour (Acting Rector), Prof…

80th Birthday Celebration of Mission Director, Erlo Stegen

On the 1st March 2015 there was a celebration of Erlo Stegen’s 80th birthday. Various dignitaries attended including His Royal Highness King Zwilethini, Prince MG Buthelezi and the National Minister of Finance Mr Nene. The King’s speech congratulated Rev Stegen on behalf of the Zulu nation and the Zulu Royal Household. Much was said and…