Walk in the light

Sunday service, Friedel Stegen, 19 Feb 2017

Wedding of Maria and Simon

As the bride takes the arm of the bridegroom, so we must take the arm of Jesus where He is everything to us.
We are the bride of Christ. And the Lord warns us to get ready that He can come and fetch us. Are you ready, or are you stopping Him from coming to fetch you, because of sin in your life? Deal with those things that defile your garments.

Rom 12:12
“Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;”

We have no other hope and goal than to be with Him.
Today He sits on the right hand of the Father and all power and glory is given to Him.

Our hope and faith is that we’re grounded in the Lord Jesus. But are your garments spotless? He’s waiting for you and me to be beautified for His coming. He wants to present His bride to His Father.
He wants a bride washed in His Precious Blood that He can present before His Father.

But those who don’t cleanse their lives lose the beauty of Jesus.
We should be the most joyful people on earth having such a salvation!
We should be prepared to go through anything for Him who gave His all for us. With such a Savior we should all be rejoicing.

The Lord Jesus has waited patiently for you and me to bring joy to His heart.

You who have hope are you joyful in whatever circumstances you find yourself?

That you can trust Him and leave things over to Him that in His time He would fulfill His promises. It’s so important that we can wait patiently upon the Lord.

Our time is a time of instant coffee and we want everything quickly, but we must wait upon Him and His time.

May the Lord help us to be a people filled with hope and patience. That we have a relationship with the Lord and wait upon Him step by step. That we have a close relationship with Him and have the same longing as He does. That we might be led and guided by God the Holy Spirit. He has one desire to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

How wonderful if our prayers touch the Lord in heaven.

When Elisha sent people to chop wood and the axe fell in the water, he prayed and the axe drifted. Often when I have something on my heart I tell the Lord Jesus and He changes the situation without anyone knowing.

May you have a living faith, not a dead one. Many Christians today have no joy and one wonders what is the reason. We should be the most joyful people on earth. Just think that we’re on our way home to meet our Saviour the Lord Jesus! If we have that hope we won’t have time to be depressed.
And He still says on top of that, “cast your burdens upon Me, I will carry it.”

When people who live in the world without hope, when they see you do they desire to be like you and find your Savior?

May you portray the beauty of heaven in your life. No matter what people say or think. See to it that your relationship with the Lord stays right. And when you are stained by sin, come to the Lord Jesus and pray that He cleanses you with His previous blood, because the prayer of a righteous man avails much.
For years I walked around with things in my life and cried to the Lord, please forgive me. And for a time it was quiet, but then doubt came in, has the Lord really forgiven me? I wrestled with it for years. I could never get the assurance that the Lord Jesus had cleansed me with His precious blood. I was almost mad because I couldn’t find peace. I went to so many pastors and men of God and no one could help me. I could never get the assurance that the Lord had forgiven me. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I got married in 1951. But I told my wife before we got married that I’m a dying man and won’t reach 40. But she said that she’ll marry me and be with me for the remaining years. Then I said I will confess my sin no matter what. And I went to a man of God and confessed my sin that troubled me so much. And after he prayed with me I realised that the sin had left me and I was light. My health improved and today I’m still alive.

Walk in the light. Let there be no darkness in you. If you were man enough to commit that sin then be man enough to confess it.

You must wash your wife in the Word of God. That you be a godly husband to your wife and that the wife honors and respects her husband. As the Bible says.

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