2016 European Ministers’ Conference 11-13 April

Every second year a Ministers’ Conference is held in Europe at our Swiss centre. (In between we hold one in South Africa here at Kwasizabantu Mission.) This year it will be from 11 to 13 April and the theme is “Lord, abide with us”.

It says on the Swiss Kwasizabantu website:


The disciples of Emmaus urged Jesus strongly to stay with them, for it was nearly evening and the day was drawing to a close (Luke 24:29). And Jesus went in to stay with them. How happy these disciples must have been, to know that their Lord and Master was with them and that they had fellowship with Him.

We find ourselves, spiritually, in a similar situation. Like never before, it seems today to be nearly evening, yes, even night.
What is required for Jesus to stay in our hearts? On what condition does Jesus stay in our congregations? What must we do so that Jesus stays in our country and among our people?

It would be dreadful if we had to realise that Jesus had passed us by and moved on. It would also be unbearable and sad if we had to recognise that our churches had become insignificant for Jesus.
What does the Bible say about the conditions that have to be met in order that the LORD doesn‘t have to leave us? What can we do in order to see Jesus newly at work among us again?

This year‘s conference wants to answer these questions and point out the road to healing. The conference will be an encouragement to continue to faithfully go the way of the pilgrim with the LORD all the way to the end.


Pastors, ministers, preachers, elders,
evangelists, missionaries and their


If required, the speeches will be translated into German, French, Rumanian and English.