A Frightful Claim

When I first saw the headline Exodus, my heart missed a beat and broke.  I could not believe that people can dare to talk about Gods work in such a way.  Approximately 30 years ago, I was invited to the mission. Deep inside I was a rebellious, depressed young person who did not even realise how great my need was, but my life changed since that visit at Ksb. Through their lives and the sermons I heard, I learned what it meant to hear the Good Shepherd’s voice.  Through the years, whenever I went to visit at Ksb, it was as if I was arriving home. I can’t remember that I ever had to knock on the door to visit uncle Erlo’s house or any of his daughters, I could just walk in and experience the warmth of a loving and happy home.
I came from the outside, but I got married at the mission and the way the people helped me to organise my wedding, the work they have put in so selflessly, can’t be described in words.  I feel for those who were part of the mission and now have left, they’re missing out. I knew some of your witnesses against Ksb as a young person, and how they say their lives were at Ksb, it is definitely not how I experienced them.
One of our daughters chose to go and work at Ksb.  She is so happy and content and have experienced so much goodness.  She is free to come home and is living a full life with lots of opportunities, it just doesn’t make sense all the acquisitions in the media, when we are experiencing the complete opposite.
May the Lord continue to bless the work at Ksb and may the truth be victorious. May there be many people who read these testimonies that will realise that no matter what I have done, or whatever my problems are that I am struggling with, there is a Mission, a place where you also can be helped.