A Place That Has Brought Healing to Thousands of Lives!

It is with great shock and horror that I read news 24 articles defacing a place that I have loved so dearly since 1986.It was during my teenage years that I first visited Kwasizabantu from Australia . I was there for a period of 3 weeks and found the source of  true peace and joy in Christ Jesus. After several visits,  I eventually married there and we had 4 children at the mission. We then moved overseas, only to experience our children missing Kwasizabantu and leaving their employment in Australia to go and serve God at Kwasizabantu.  If it was such a terrible place would they have returned out of their own free will?
Two of our children are at Kwasizabantu. One is employed, whilst our youngest is boarding at the mission and attending Domino Servite School. She has blossomed academically and socially since attending the school there. The 2 eldest children  are at Kwasizabantu outstations with their families.  They are happy and fulfilled.
I hope you realise that you have presented extremely biased testimonies.  I want to see news 24 bringing healing to a place that has brought healing to thousands of lives!

Kind regards,