A Special Place

You probably had enough of the contradictory opinions on the KSB Mission, but please allow me to give you what I believe is an objective view. I will try to be brief:

1)       The Zulu’s have a gift of giving people or places names which fit like a glove. The name they gave the mission, Kwasizabantu, means “The place where people are helped” which perfectly describes the mission and its activities.

2)       Who are the people who are being helped? They come from all over the world – broken people, needy people, sick people, drug addicts, criminals…….They come out of their own will, are received with open arms, treated with love and kindness, accommodated free of charge. They stay – for a day, a month, a year or even indefinitely. The place is generally overrun by visitors, which at times goes into the thousands. Nobody is forced to stay.

3)      Why then at such a place of love and compassion have people over the years turned so vehemently against the mission? They come from all spheres of life, some with hidden agendas (eg. the spy), weird religious ideas, unrealistic expectations. If expectations are not met or if their behaviour is disruptive on the community and they are asked to leave, the response has often been rather explosive, emotional and simply unjust.  Some simply rebel against Christian ethics applied at the mission.

4)      The basic teaching is one of reconciliation with God and one’s fellow men. (eg. Rev. Stegen started preaching against racism in the 1960s already). Hence many have experienced inner healing and healing of marriages, families and communities.

5)      Who are the people who will be harmed by the boycott called for? It will be the poor in SA, Mozambique, Malawi and other African as well as European countries whose lives are uplifted through agricultural, educational, medical and other humanitarian projects. It will be the poor in rural areas which are employed by the Mission, it will be the thousands from all over the world who flock to the mission for help.

6)      A wise man once said: “by the fruit, you will know whether a tree is good or bad”. Even a good tree though can have the odd bad fruit. It seems as if you have judged the KSB tree by the odd bad fruit.

May I suggest you visit the mission yourself. It may be a life-changing experience as it was for me and tens or even hundreds of thousands of others. I can assure you that you will be received with respect, love and humility.

May God bless you,
Volkmar Böhmer
(Friend of the mission for over 40 years and one of the many who have experienced deep grief over the vicious attack on the place and the people we love)