A Special Work of God

The negative news reports that have been spread about Kwasizabantu Mission (KSB) disturb me deeply. I’d like to share some of my own experiences and hopefully shed a different light on the mission and its people. 

I have been part of the mission since a young child, attending services and enjoying wonderful times with the people of the mission. I stayed at KSB for the last 4 years of my school career and travelled by bus to the school in a nearby town. I have precious and happy memories of my childhood years at the mission. 

A few years after I completed school, I chose to go back and teach at the mission school, Domino Servite (DSS).  I taught there for just short of 26 years. No-one forced me to stay there. I loved being there. Several years after my first husband passed away, I remarried and moved to Namibia. No-one stopped me from leaving. It was hard to leave the people I love so dearly, but I still have wonderful contact with the special people on the mission. Since then, my dear husband and I have visited KSB several times from Namibia. In 2019, I visited KSB twice to help at their bi-annual youth conference. What a lovely and blessed time I had! 

What wonderful memories I have of my years at DSS.  I didn’t see my work as a job, it was a calling. I loved the children and we had a wonderful staff. I also had the  privilege of teaching and working with ex-drug addicts and criminals whose lives had been radically changed by the power of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, at the mission. 

The school strove (and still does) for excellence. Every year since its inception, the school has had 100% matric pass rate. And make no mistake, they do not take in children based on their academic performance. Children who struggle academically are given the support and help they need from dedicated teachers. 

The DSS learners have so many wonderful opportunities – going on excursions, participating in interschool sporting events, science expos, bridge building, to name a few, besides all the other opportunities they have at the school itself. I remember the number of excursions and other activities that I, together with other staff members, arranged for our commercial department learners.  

If I had school-going children, it would be a privilege for me if I could send them to Domino Servite School. I know that they would be in a safe and loving environment, with dedicated teachers, who are not only concerned about their academic performance, but to develop them as a whole. 

As for Reverend Erlo Stegen, it would be difficult to find someone else like him. I have been blessed time and time again, to see and experience his selfless life, his love, his humility. Never in all my years of living and working at KSB, did the mission ask me for donations. Instead, I was the one who received a salary, free board and lodging, free water and electricity and could even eat meals at the mission free of charge.  

I would encourage people, who search for a deeper spiritual life, to visit the mission, search the KSB website and listen to their sermons on live stream. So many lives have been touched and radically changedMany who were troubled and depressed, found the peace they so longed for, in their Creator and Saviour Jesus Christ. So many have been able to make a new start and find new meaning in life. 

What a special work of God. 

For more information see: www.ksb.org.za and https://www.kwasizabantulives.com 

Catherine Louw
Gobabis, Namibia