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Youth Weekend at Mozambique Mission

A wonderful turnout and great blessings were experienced at a recent youth weekend held in Mozambique. A more central place was hired for the weekend, at Cacia in Gaza Province. The camp site is about 400km south of the Kwasizabantu centre in Inyambane Province. A number of co-workers & preachers joined Carlos, (including S. Khumalo,…

Christmas Carols Evening 2009

This year we could have the Christmas Carols Evening, in the new Auditorium, on Saturday night, 21 November. Various choirs and a few “skits” were presented, followed by a devotion for the occasion. The audience participated in singing well-known carols, in English and Zulu.

KwaSizabantu Youth Conference July 2009

The theme is: “God makes all things new”, and in Zulu, “Uwenza konke kube kusha”. This is a fitting theme in two ways. Firstly, it gives hope that the Lord can recreate messed up lives and make them completely new. Secondly, it is the first Youth Conference in the new Auditorium which was recently reconstructed…