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Outreach to Namibia

A team is returning from a very blessed trip to Namibia. As the journey by bus takes 3 days, the 19 seater and 8 seater buses left the Mission on Thursday 28 May. They had 2 overnight breaks, the first at the Snymans farm (Lichtenburg) and the second with Dr Francois Louw’s family in ;

New Outreach Centre in Tugela Valley

A missionary couple – Rev Don and Nettie Douma – who have returned to Canada, handed over their mission to Kwasizabantu, early May. The Doumas had run the mission for the past 15 years. We are very grateful to them for their wonderful ministry in this area and for entrusting the mission to Kwasizabantu. Maqhogo…

May Tour of Korea 2004

Erlo Stegen and his daughter had a blessed 10 days in South Korea. The main organisor  was Dr Chung Hack Bong. Rev Stegen  visited churches, universities and schools. The main message preached by Erlo Stegen was from John 7 : 38, “If you believe as the Scipture says, streams of living water shall flow from…