Fiction Excites, but Facts Convince

I’ve been following the Exodus articles / videos about Mission Kwasizabantu. 

I’ve known this mission since childhood – we stayed there as a family in 1978 where my dad was helped. Since then we / I visited the mission station many times. I’m currently working overseas. 

My experience of the mission over the years was always encouraging and also challenged me to reach for the highest Christian standard. Where I had direct dealings with Rev Erlo Stegen, he always treated me with great compassion, never judgemental. His words were always a great help – even to this day. I still listen to the mission’s Sunday services on Livestream, and find these a blessing. 

As I know many of the people making accusations against the mission, my impression is that the accusations are not from independent individuals, but a concerted effort by disgruntled family members to destroy the mission, working together with a well planned agenda. This agenda is reflected by the vagueness of most of the News24 reports of the so-called evidence and testimonies of crimes committed at the mission, and the sensational way in which it is portrayed. I’m a chemical engineer working as a chartered professional on world class projects. As engineers, our professional code of conduct requires us to verify all key inputs into a design with references to accepted sources. This stands in stark contrast to News24’s wishy-washy way of presenting the evidence. I would have expected  more professionalism from News24, if they want thoughtful readers to take their reports seriously. 

It would be very sad if we destroy such a great organisation as Mission Kwasizabantu, helping thousands of people and generating a lot of revenue and jobs for South Africa through the multiplied economic benefit of all the business ventures (via the value chain from source to final consumer). 

Yours sincerely ,
Deon van Tonder