Lydia van der Walt

God Worked in My Life

I would like to tell of my own experiences at Kwasizabantu Mission. I went there as a 12 year old. I have completed my matric, married and worked there. When I arrived in 1991 I was an unsure troubled child. God worked in my life.

Domino Servite School is a place where every parent dreams to send their children. I thank God that I could attend it. I am grateful for every lesson and experience I had while living on the mission even what I learned while I stayed in the hostel. The teachers pour out their lives for the learners and I have only good memories of them.

As a very young girl I had seen marriages end on the rocks in my own relatives. I made up my mind not to get married except if the Lord provided me with a husband. God taught me that purity is very important. When my husband also chose to start our marriage in a pure way it was a confirmation from of Gods plan for us.  I am so grateful that He kept me and my husband pure for each other. It was so special to find out after we got married how much we actually have in common. God created us to complement each other. How can I wish for anything better than God choosing my partner? I know he is the man God created for me, I will never wonder if I married the wrong man.  God brought us together and only sin can destroy our relationship. What God does is good and perfect. After over 19 years of marriage I am still in love with my husband and I thank God for everyone of the 7 children HE blessed us with. If I ever had a choice to get married again I would marry the same man in the same way at the same place. I have no regrets.

Rev Stegen was the preacher who performed our wedding. He has always been there for us when we needed help and advice. He is humble and filled with Christ.  Aunty Thofozi Dube is a dear, brave hero of the faith. She encouraged me to stand for and do the right thing. I never saw a sign of self and pride or evil in her.

I can only thank God for His grace and mercy. He revealed Himself to us at Kwasizabantu Mission and I have a grateful heart for every man and woman on the mission whom HE used to teach me more about Himself.

May the Lord's work continue and may HIS name be honoured.

Lydia van der Walt