Grateful for the Great Work of God

I am so  sad about all the negative accusations that KwaSizabantu received in News24.  My experience of the mission was just the opposite.   Anyone arriving at the mission receives free food, water, electricity, lodging, and many hours of free counselling.   I can testify to the fact that KwaSizabantu not only preach the  “narrow way”  but also follows it.  Many left the mission because the “narrow way” was just too  narrow for them.    Out of  resentment  they started a smear campaign against the mission.  I am deeply saddened by this.    Because of some untruths and twisted stories,  many  poor people are losing their jobs at KwaSizabantu and through the huge loss of income the mission won`t be able to uplift the community like they did before.  What a shame.  I am disappointed in  shops like Woolworth`s, Makro, Game and Food Lover’s market  who don`t want to support them anymore.  Is a person not supposed to be innocent until proven guilty? The devil doesn`t like it if pastors preach the truth and set an example of how to live the truth.

Both my parents were miraculously healed at KSB.  My father was an elder in the Dutch reformed church and every Sunday after church he went out to preach at three different missionary outpost just outside Tzaneen. He also went out to preach in jail  once a week.  All of that was the result that the KwaSizabantu sermons had on him.  When I saw how they have changed, a longing was born in my heart to visit the mission as well.   Maybe they could also help me.  

My bag of sins  and regrets became heavier with each passing day.   I longed to be free of all my sins.  I was a slave to smoking, TV,  partying, entertainment, greediness and worldliness, and as a result of that I became a very unhappy and depressed person.   

After countless sessions with councillors who listened to me patiently and prayed for me, I can testify to the fact that I have been set free from the bondage of sin.  It all cost me nothing.  They did not even charge us for the food.  I have been visiting the mission for the last 40 years.  They taught me how to overcome sin, and the importance of fearing God.  I was always treated with kindness and respect.  

My son, who was freed  from drug addiction after they prayed for him, stayed there for 8 years out of gratitude  for what God did for him.

I,  my parents, son and family will always be grateful for the great work of God that He did at KwaSizabantu. God greatly blessed us through them.   May God bless them. 

Annalize Bodenstein