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It’s KHULA to clean up!

Together with KwaSizabantu Mission, aQuellé and community members embarked on a local clean-up on Saturday. In association with local councillors from Umvoti and Maphumulo, a tremendous turnout of close to 500 people saw the day to be a great success.

Various areas were targeted along the R74, including KwamXhosa, Silverstream, and Kranskop. The aQuelle KHULA teams were supported by various government departments, municipalities, SAPS and many volunteers from the local communities. Radio Khwezi, our local community radio station, created awareness and educated listeners on cleaning and recycling leading up to the event and joined the initiative by providing live-broadcasting on the day from the clean-up sites.

An early registration and COVID screening started the day off. After cleaning equipment was allocated, teams set off to make a difference. “It was encouraging to see so many people coming together to make a positive contribution and impact in their area,” says Gladson Songelwa, representative from aQuellé.

The SAPS Kranskop communications officer, Sergeant Ndwandwe, thanked all community members who joined in the clean-up. "We are so grateful to be part of this wonderful initiative. We encourage our community to keep up the important task of looking after our environment. A big up to the aQuelle Clean-Up campaign!"

Helpers were kept refreshed throughout the day with aQuellé’s recently launched KHULA soft drinks and natural spring water. The day was concluded with a hot takeaway meal and ice-cream provided by KwaSizabantu Mission.

Thankful for

KHULA Clean-Up

It’s KHULA to clean up!

Together with KwaSizabantu Mission, aQuellé and community members embarked on a local clean-up.

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Food & water deliveries

Supporting Communities

We are very grateful to be able to support communities and families with food and water in areas affected by the recent unrest in KwaZulu Natal.

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The Life Of Daniel

The God we serve is able to save

A screenplay of the life of Daniel produced by the young people of KwaSizabantu with the support of the congregation.

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Kwasizabantu Mission Virtual Tour
New Emseni Farming Greenhouses
New aQuellé Factory
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