I Am Very Concerned

I am very concerned about the article you wrote about the Kwasizabantu Mission. I am really surprised wether that is the Mission started by God using Rev. Erlo Stegen or is another mission faking this name.

It’s twenty three (23) years now since I met with the Kwasizabantu Mission situated in Kranskop KZN. From the very first day when I get there, I saw a little heaven on earth, and since then, it has never change. I have been traveling from Pretoria to the mission every year, sometimes three (3) times a year. Spending one to three (1-3) weeks at the mission, and I have never seen any of the things you wrote in your article calling the mission a bad place.

A coin is not a coin unless it has two sides. If only you had given yourself time to search and hear from the other side of the story, I’m telling you, you would have met up with thousands of positive side of this story, instead of writing a handful of negative side of the story.

Me myself, have been brought to know the Savior Jesus Christ by this Mission. They don’t only preach the gospel, they live the gospel. They live the Bible. What more then to expect from Christians than that? I love Jesus Christ, and because of that, I love Kwasizabantu Mission.

I saw thousands of people being transformed and reconciled with their Creator (God) and with people. All because of this Mission.

Rev. Erlo Stegen is the servant of the Lord, nothing else.

You want to have your full story, take the coin as it is, both sides, then you will have a wonderful and a living story.

John Baloyi
Hammanskraal / Pretoria