I Sincerely Hope that You Will Give this some Thought

First of all, I would like to thank the editor for his invitation to the public for more KwaSizabantu Mission stories. It is necessary that the voice of many more South Africans are heard concerning this issue.

I also have a KwaSizabantu Mission story to share. I used to be a very shy and withdrawn person, scared of meeting new people and self-conscious. In 2014, I attended the KwaSizabantu Mission Youth Conference.  This proved to be a wonderful experience for me as a young person. Because of my time spent at KwaSizabantu Mission and the lessons I learnt there, I am now a confident young lady with a bright future.

It is of uttermost importance to get both sides of a news story so that the public are able to make a balanced decision. Surely a upstanding news platform such as News24 will want to give the readers the real story behind KwaSizabantu Mission?  Surely you will soon be either sending reporters to KwaSizabantu  Mission or having interviews via electronic means? Or are you reporting only what you have heard from secondary sources?

Do you realize that the future of News24 is at stake? 

 If it is somehow proven that Kwasizabantu Mission is without a doupt innocent of all the allegations and News24 has not given the Mission’s side of the story, then News24’s reputation will suffer great loss. 

Even more than that, if Kwasizabantu Mission is, by some remote chance, a work of God then News24 will have been setting itself against God.  This is never a good idea. 

sincerely  hope that you will give this some thought.  

Christelle Engelbrecht