Kwasizabantu has Changed My Life

Kwasizabantu has changed my life – for the better. Since December 2013, I have regularly visited the mission station. Every visit has been a highlight and a time of beautiful memories. With every succeeding visit, I came to know the people better. I went into their homes. I ate at their tables. I spoke with them, worked with them, laughed with them. I even opened my heart to them and spoke of my deepest fears and dreams. Every time they received me with open arms. Not once did they ask for money for my stay. Not once did they become impatient with me or treated me unkindly. I watched as they poured out their lives in the service of others and I stood amazed. Those people have been the model of self-sacrifice to me. In South Africa, we struggle to promote racial unity. For the people of Kwasizabantu, racial unity is part of their daily lives. They look past your colour. Everyone is treated with the same love and kindness. Why persecute these people as if they were the worst criminals on earth? The gospel they preach – and live – is only one of love and truth. 

Anneke Theron