Kwasizabantu Mission has Helped Countless People

Kwasizabantu mission (KSB) has helped a countless amount of people at NO CHARGE. KSB offers help to anyone who wants to receive it. They offer people a chance to stay there for two weeks, free of charge. They also give three free meals a day and warm water! The co-workers live sacrificially, with a desire to help people in need.

If you have a problem, such as depression, marriage issues, addictions, or whatever it may be, one may speak to a counsellor, which is also free of charge. SO many people have received real, lasting relief of addictions and other problems.

I know of many people who have been helped by Kwasizabantu mission. Many of the people were on the street, had no future or were involved in drugs. KSB gave them a chance to change their lives.

I have been on KSB mission many times. And I have been blessed through the help that I have received there. The people at the mission are very friendly, and it is one of the nicest and best places to be in the world.

Gideon Pereira