KwaSizabantu Russia After 10 Years

KSB Mission in Russia is a centre in Bolshaya Kuzminka, a village close to the City of Lipetsk (south of Moscow). In 2003 the brethren bought two dilapidated buildings (dormitories) of a former summer `Pioneer’ camp for school children who came to help on the village kolkhoz fields. It was decided that one building was to be given over to the mission to use, and the other one to be transformed into flats. Now it is fully repaired, 8 families stay in that building. A few families from the city are also a part of the congregation. The mission building is also repaired, it has about 40 rooms most of which are used to accommodate visitors during annual summer camps. These conferences are held by Kwasizabantu co-workers from different branches of the Mission. Those who attend them come from all over Russia, the Ukrain, Armenia and Tadzhikistan.