KwaSizabantu Story to Tell

It was with shock that I read the stories about the Mission, Kwasizabantu. If I didn’t know the mission and its people for the past 22 years, I would have thought you are talking of a house of horror. But what you describe is not the place that I visit on a regular basis.
Please note:
It is a place where ANYBODY including the drug addicts that have been ostracized by their communities stay for FREE (yes you heard right, for FREE).
Every visitor can stay for 2 weeks, with free lodging and meals.
The leader of the mission has never asked for financial assistance or even collection in church. Instead, leaders have sacrificed and shared what they have with the community. KwaSizabantu has donated water, also seeds and seedlings to communities to plant. The leaders will give to the point that I stood in total awe of how they continue to serve when everybody else would have quitted. They will sacrifice their time and themselves to the last bit.
The problem that I read in some of the accusations, was rather people decide to follow this example of self-sacrifice but then regret it and took the position of a victim. Nobody is forced to come to the mission, and therefore cannot make it an accusation of abuse. The leaders lead in the example of being the least. Doing the most meagre work with enthusiasm and to the best of their ability. I have listened to many services, but once I learn to know the preachers in person and see how they live, I often thought ‘not half is said in the service’.
What is interesting is that people from almost all nations, almost all races, almost all languages, almost all continents, feel the desire to repeatedly pay for their transport to visit the mission. The youth services  held twice every year, attended by up to seven thousand children, are free for every young person who wants to attend. Many young people are fetched from various places and are taken back at the end of the conference to their destinations at the mission’s expense. They receive 3 meals per day for a week in June and December.
If anyone told you that they couldn’t leave… Well that is interesting. In the 22 years that I visit there regularly, ranging from a quick weekend to 4 weeks, I could leave as I wish, with people from the mission as I wish, or they wish.
Please make sure that you do cover both sides unbiased, based on facts and not mere allegations.

Kind regards
Thea Wentzel
South Africa