Meet The New Abusers on the Block

News24 has published reports on KwaSizabantu Mission on their platforms since 19 September. For the past three weeks readers have been subjected to a torrent of abuse by News24. 

News24 is owned by Media24 which subscribes to the South African Press Code which stipulates that news be truthful, accurate, fair and balanced but most of their reporting on this topic has been anything but truthful, accurate, fair or balanced in retrospect they have abused their power as a media house to revolutionise public perception on this place.  

The public’s right tform an opinion has been wrecked by News24 who want the reader to believe that “We get it first and we get it right.” News24 has abused the intelligence of their readers by assuming that they cannot or will not see through their targeted agenda. They have abused the rights of KwaSizabantu Mission by the indiscriminate use of veiled language and subtle images to create and promote negative perceptionsNews24 has manipulated the buying power of its readers by suggesting what they may or may not purchase with Adriaan Basson leading the charge. News24 has abused the rights of companies to select the suppliers from whom they purchase.  

This media house stands accused of gross violations of human rights in their reporting on this subject. As for subscribing to the South African Press Code, huh, what’s that