My KwaSizabantu Story

I stayed most of the year of 2019 on KwaSizabantu Mission. What I experienced there was eye-opening.
I personally experienced their day-to-day life – I ate with them, visited with them and sat in the church services.
Nowhere in South Africa have I experienced such true love and unity between races and ethnic groups. Nowhere have I experienced the likes in which they help the community – not just locally but nationally…
I saw drug addicts being helped. I saw the way the Mission reaches out to the outcasts of society. I saw the way they self-sacrificially serve. I saw the way they care. Unconditionally.
I can also testify that Mr Erlo Stegen has never asked anyone for money.
I challenge you to apply unbiased reporting, be open-minded, and go and see for yourself what is the truth.
KwaSizabantu Mission is truly a place where people are helped.

Sumarie Theron