My Time at the Mission School Was Wonderful! 

I was one of Erika’s school friends at the high school at Kwasizabantu mission in 1989, she was in Matric, I was a few years younger. I remember her as a bright, dynamic, well-loved and joyful girl. In her Matric year she was chosen as a prefect, she acted in the drama production that the Gr11s and Matrics presented that year, and at prize-giving she shared the Academic Dux trophy with one of her matric friends. Erika and her friend entered the stage from opposite sides and amidst great applause, met in an embrace before accepting their trophy. A moment to remember…
HOW then could she have been suspended and expelled from the mission school, and her home, at the age of 16 (as alleged) if she was such a memorable Matric presence at the school?  That does not make sense.

(After her Matric Erika filled a post at the school for some time. Later on she moved elsewhere and I lost contact with her.)
So why are people’s “stories” believed as ‘the truth’, when we, their old school friends, can testify to the contrary?
Which of the other exposé stories are actually true, and which not – how would you know?
I do sympathise very much with anyone who truthfully experienced unacceptable treatment or abuse, at any place, and desire healing for them. But we as readers should not just gullibly believe every sensational ‘possibly-twisted’ story and act on it.
As for me personally, I really don’t know why the mission would be described as a place of ‘terror’. I found it to be just the OPPOSITE, a place where transparency, God’s love and forgiveness and a Biblical way of life is the norm – and my time at the mission school was wonderful!
So why would anyone be digging up ‘stories’ so old that the ‘victims’ cannot ‘remember’ the facts correctly?
Is there maybe some … ulterior plan and ‘mastermind’ behind this exposé?
I pity my dear school friend, was she maybe ‘set up’ in someone else’s agenda to tell this false story of being expelled?

… Is it because there are businesses involved, and why the talk of wanting “leadership change”… ?
Let’s wake up South Africa!
If we believe every “story” without proof, aren’t we allowing ‘some agenda’ (that might not really care about troubled people or the underprivileged) to rob us of God-sent blessings as are found at Kwasizabantu Mission?

“School friend of Erika Bornman”