My View of Kwasizabantu Concerning the “Exodus” Report

My name is Samuel Ludwig and I just wanted to tell you my side of experiencing Kwasizabantu Mission and the people there.

My Parents got to know this place in the late 1980’s and travelled here a couple of times.(We are originally from Germany)
We as a family came here to visit and my dad started helping in the mission work on different outside branches.
In August 2000 we moved to the Kwasizabantu Mission as a family. My parents worked on the mission being involved in the radio station(Khwezi) and other projects. We as kids went to the Domino Servite School(It was the best school I had ever been, with no bad memories). Until we moved due to family matters back to Germany in 2006, but kept on visiting the Kwasizabantu Mission multiple times in the years that followed. I finished my studies in Germany and came back to the Mission in Sept. 2015 and have since been working for the Mission. My parents and some of my siblings are here as well again.

So you see I’ve been part of this place for a large time of my life(Born 1994).
I can say that I respect and honour the people here, because they did not only help my parents when they where in dear need of help in the beginning, but that I myself have been helped and looked after tremendously. God had the Grace to use these people(especially Rev. Erlo Stegen) to save me from the “pit” I was in. I was involved in different addictions like Pornography, heavy Gaming and immoral living.
But I was helped and can say “I AM FREE” of these problems now. No one can take that away from me. I am a living proof of the grace of God and the help this place and it’s people have done. I see many people every day who have the same or similar experiences.

This place Kwasizabantu, the people who live here and the leaders who are in charge are definitely good people. And I personally don’t believe these allegations which have been said. It just doesn’t make sense, I see these people almost everyday and can say whole heartedly, I trust them and stand with them in this time of trial. I haven’t experienced any of these allegations.

I hope the Truth will prevail.
In God I Trust.

Best Regards
Samuel Ludwig