News24 Exposé Rejection

All hail to Adriaan Basson and News24?
Recently News24 has been bubbling with reports about KwaSizabantu Mission. Serious yet feeble conclusions have been made about the place. Editors such as Adriaan Basson reached the point of labelling the place a cult.
News reporters should understand that they are not reporting to an illiterate, uncritical audience nowadays. Critical thinking is the most important aspect that readers apply when reading news reports in this age. When readers attempt reports they also test the credibility of your report – to what extent is your report credible.
In an interview with SABC, News24 represented by Adriaan Basson bragged about conducting a 7 months ‘investigation’ about KSB and has collected all the ‘relevant’ information they needed to report about the practices of that place. This investigation is a documentary produced by several people who lived on the mission before (viewed by News24 subscribers) called the Exodus.
On the other hand, News24 has reported that KSB has existed for more than 50 years and is the biggest mission station in Africa. Now we appreciate the taste from that part of the report because then it raises concerns on whether 7 months of investigation were enough to deal with such a big and old mission station. It is obvious that it is not only a few ‘white’ people that have interacted with that place before. What about the multitudes of Africans that have been or are currently interacting with that place? Why is their view undermined or not in their report? it is senseless to brag about a 7 months investigation, and then pull out seven or eight people as a complete investigation ready for publication! In this particular case such an investigation is vague and weak!
Did News24 approach any of the current residents of KSB, the workers in the aQuelle factory and Emseni as part of their investigation? Were any of the current congregants approached and investigated? If so, why aren’t we told about their views? Something is not quite right here! Why is this a one-sided investigation? Could there be some sort of a campaign against this most successful mission station? I have been in contact with the place, but I was not approached in any way to state my view, nor did I see any media poll investigating that place! Again, I say, something is suspicious about these sudden furious reports!
News24 owes us some serious answers about this KSB report. You need to convince us that you are still a credible news agency which we should always look up to for updated and impartial reporting.

Cebisa Mabaso