Quite a Special Place Indeed

I am deeply concerned and horrified about the recent articles and attack against KwaSizabantu Mission. 

The articles claim 7 months of investigation? How could you have done a proper investigation; the Mission has been closed in confinement because of Covid-19 for the past 6 monthsSearching only one side of the story is not called an investigation!? 

Let me tell you my side of the story. 

We have been visiting KwaSizabantu Mission for years and have never been asked a cent, we have seen tens of thousands of children attend the youth services and being fed and cared for free, thousands of drug addicts being helped free of charge and visitors from all over the planet being accommodated and enjoying this special place, receiving spiritual guidance and healing of broken lives… And this is still the same for the 2000 residents and workers living there at the moment. 

Your report is based on testimonies of a few bitter people’s version of their experience, some of which I have personally met or known, and many of the fact I even know myself that they are incorrect … 

Do these people mention that they received free food, accommodation, water and electricity for all the years they lived there? you publish all those testimonies without verifying the facts, causing harm to a whole community and therefore jeopardizing thousands of peoples jobs , damage 50 years of hard labor of which you know nothing, and of people that happily live, work and worship together at the Mission. 

You even used the testimony of a young friend of mine when she got converted and used it in a twisted way to suit your agenda… How cruel… it makes me wonder what kind of people and aim are behind all of this “reporting”? 

I urge you to put an end to those attacks and go visit the place yourself, you will experience that it is quite a special place indeed.

Fanny Joubert