SA Needs More Organizations Like KSB

I was shocked to my core when the news broke about the allegations against KwaSizabantu (I will refer to them as KSB in this email).

As news investigators and reporters, I assume that you will also take in count the positive reports as well, as you do with the negative reports and allegations. I just want to share my opinion and experience as well, as I really cant just look the other way, while this EXCELLENT and LIFE CHANGING organization is being slaughtered in the public eye !

Firstly, and very important, I have absolutely NO ties or personal relationship with anyone at KSB, and Im sending you this email out of my own free will, as its surely the right thing to do. I was only a guest at KSB a couple of times, and been treated in ways I never would have expected. In my view, KSB is probably the most valuable organization in SA, and if more people turn to them and really listen to their advice, this country will surely be a much better place, and less crime.

My experience in short…..

I have been fighting a drug addiction for about 20 odd years, but I’m also quite a successful business man. I was never in my life a junky that ended up on the streets, but my addiction was killing me slowly but surely. I basically lived a double life. My normal life as business man in the IT industry, and then the drug addict that needed his next fix every day !

I have spend thousands on drug rehab programs, and it always was just a short term solution, and I ended up using drugs again after a while…..

In 2015 I had a big contract in Zambia, to deploy a new network infrastructure for a large international group. When I returned to SA, I relocated to Ballito (Close to KSB)

My life again got out of control, and one day a good friend of mine, stopped me on the beach, just before I killed myself. It was minutes before I was a dead man !!

He immediately called KSB, and booked a place in their rehab program for 21 days.

MY experience at KSB was the best in my life. The way everyone treat you and the overall atmosphere is better than anyone can ask for. Although their drug rehab program is not so luxurious as the rehabs where you pay R40 000, but the most important thing is that they manage to change my life for good, with their advice and spiritual guidance. 

In my time at KSB I changed my life completely, and connected on a very high level with GOD, and my outlook on life changed completely. After I finished my program, I went home, and a couple of weeks later, me and my wife visited them again for 2 weeks. That was the best 2 week holiday we had together. We visted them for a 3rd time after that, and again we only had an excellent experience and positive feedback !

My wife also spoke to their counsellors and she was also healed from a huge amount of baggage from her past life.

I have referred many people to KSB, as I know it is most probably the most effective drug program in SA !!

In a summary, I want to make it very clear that KSB is most definitely not a cult, and its an establishment where they give you the space and advice to change your life for the better.  If you use that advice, is up to you. But if you do as they teach you, then you will most definitely have a better life.

I spoke to many people who went to KSB, and everyone talks with the greatest respect out them. I understand that some people might have a personal issue with them, and started this entire thing to destroy them.

KSB feeds many people every day, and have saved millions of lifes over the years !!!

Rather spend this time and energy, to destroy our corrupt government, and leave KSB to carry on with the good work that they do!!

I really hope you will take my opinion seriously and do an investigation on people who had positive experiences. You will soon see that there are thousands of people with positive feedback, and only a hand full negative.

My view is that this is a negative personal vendetta started by people with a personal issue against them. If you do an online survey, you will soon realise that KSB has impacted most people positive !!!!


Please feel free to contact me anytime for a witness statement under oath !!