Sensationalised Journalism

The flood of slanderous, unsubstantiated accusations against Kwa Sizabantu Mission has shocked a number of friends of mine.

These allegations are appearing in News24 articles and videos and we are wondering what lies behind them. Soon after the first of these, the editor, Adriaan Basson, called for a boycott of products associated with the mission.

In view of the fact that an editor is supposed to project an impression of neutrality, is this not a gross overreaction? Bear in mind that none of the allegations have yet proved to be true.

Worlds apart from the impression of a corrupt, self-serving, intransigent leadership at the mission, is the untold story of the Living God changing lives.

Thousands of drug addicts have been given the chance to embrace a new life, which many of them have done. Communities around the mission, including Maqogo, in the Tugela valley, have been helped through sustainable agriculture. During the height of the Covid-19 crisis, the mission stepped in, distributing food, water and masks.

This ongoing, one-sided tirade is misplaced and is sensationalised journalism at its very worst.

Yours faithfully

Glendon McGill