Testimony of a Child Growing Up at KwaSizabantu Mission

It was with great shock and sadness to read your breaking news on 19 September 2020 with regards to KwaSizabantu Mission. An even greater shock was when I realised that part of my family was involved in this bitter smear campaign against the mission. My parents moved to the mission in 1994. KwaSizabantu is a wonderful place for families and visitors who come to the mission to visit and for help. 

I started grade 6 at the mission. My childhood was one of the happiest and best and I have fond memories of my school years. It provided me with a safe and secure environment in which to develop and grow. We had extremely dedicated teachers who poured out their lives for us. The school has provided the best of education for us. Since the start they have had 100% matric pass rate every year.

Many of the allegations are about individuals who have left years ago and what they are saying about the mission was not my experience.

Then with regard to Rev Erlo Stegen. Rev Erlo Stegen has set an excellent example as a pastor. He cared not only for our family residing at the mission but also for many other families. Today he is a subject of slander and libel to people that he helped in the past. Rev Stegen bore the costs of my grandparents’ funerals and assisted my family in many other ways. He has always encouraged people to come and speak if they have a need. Thousands can testify of his generosity. KwaSizabantu is the only mission that I know of that never asks anyone for money, but in contrast only gives.

The Bible says you will know them by their fruit. Broken people have entered the gates of the mission and have walked out there free from their bondage. Hundreds of drug addicts have been helped, broken families have been restored. Thousands of people have entered the gates and have come out experiencing hope, healing and restoration.

A thankful and grateful child of KwaSizabantu Mission,

Bernice Greyling