Christine Knieper

The Best Childhood

My Happy childhood

Between the rows of rondavels many happy children spend their afternoon,
Playing, skipping, laughing and running about.
I was one of them, spending my far too short childhood between the houses or out on the green fields.
We were so free and content, enjoying every minute we had in the great outdoors.

Then school entered our lives…
But THIS school was just as fun as our life before.
I ran to school with my friends, never mind a school bus, school was just around the corner.
Our loving teachers taught us so much, and they certainly had lots of patience!

Spring Day with my classmates…
Spring Day with my classmates…

My School taught me that everybody is the same, no matter what race. This was one of the most important lessons that my school taught me besides others.

Me and my desk mate. We always had lots of fun
Me and my desk mate. We always had lots of fun

Whether we were singing, going on school trips or competing in competition, we were always taught to put God first.

In my Matric year

I have enough proof that my school career was definitely lots of fun and I learnt so many lifelong lessons. I cannot thank my teachers and principle enough for what they have taught me, not only in school but for my whole life.

During school holidays we were also having fun
We could help in many occasions, the children services, serving visitors and cleaning up our community.
There was never a boring moment during such occasions, we would all work and still have fun.
Though we were very busy at times a golden thread ran through every occasion, UNITY.

Sports day
Sports day during the children services, I always enjoy helping in the different stations and making the day as special as possible for the young children.
Serving meals during the Children Services
Serving meals during the Children Services is lots of work but also great fun. The children get 3 meals every day, working together with the other young children of my community is lots of fun.


If my childhood was so adventurous and fun, I look forward to my future, there is no way I am leaving my community and my home.

As I reflect, I couldn't have had such a good childhood anywhere else but at

KwaSizabantu Mission.

My Best Childhood memories
My Best Childhood memories were made at KwaSizabantu Mission. I am happy to say that it is my home and my Church.

Christine Knieper