The Mission Has Changed My Life

Firstly, I would like to thank our saviour “Lord Jesus Christ” for allowing me this wonderful opportunity to have been led to a God sent place-KSB Mission. 

In brief, 

I arrived at the mission on the 18/09/2019 via: company which is owned by my ex-bosses (Logistics Matters) to assist with some logistics work for Aquelle Water till the end of Dec. 

Being unemployed for nearly 8 months I was ever grateful to have been given a job opportunity which I grabbed with both hands to sustain my home front as this was the most difficult season of my life experienced to date. In the middle of Nov, my stay was to continue till end of March 2020- which continued beyond till now.   

Just to add, on arrival at the mission I was met with a heartfelt welcome by Elize Green who had given me an induction as to how the mission started. There and then I sensed that the work that is going on into the mission and which is continuing was to serve the people in every step of the way. 

This was also my first time staying away from home at the time, which was not easy at the start from my side. However there was something that I personally felt that kept me going with the inner peace that gathered me strength on a daily basis, this as I would share daily with my wife on the environment on what it was all about together with the work that goes on at the mission. 

For the record, Prior to me arriving at the mission I used to smoke cigarettes which was around 30 a day (quite heavy by its context) which I happened to quit on the day I started on the 18th Sept. 2019. The only thing I could relate to me quitting was the holy spirit which I felt in that I needed to quit and by his grace I am now into complete one year nicotine free. It is quite difficult to explain as to how I quit but this is through his divine intervention. At the time, I explained to my wife what was going on and by then she now wanted to visit the mission. 

I brought her up in mid-October to visit and stay over for a week. On the first day of her stay, I asked- Do you like the place and are you OK, her immediate response was” I love the place” I repeated the question and she replied the same answer, at the end of that week, she did not want to leave back to go home. She just liked the warmth of the people and peace, tranquility of the place and took to the place like a fish to water. We spent our first News eve away from home on the mission with church service. My wife and I since have called this home. 

In Concluding: 

The mission has changed my life by giving me the calm and discipline to be in control of different aspects of my life. It has also made me and my wife feel safe and secure whilst living on the premises. 

On a separate note, I have witnessed guys that come into mission for drug/alcohol related and other issues are most thankful for what mission is doing and has done in changing their lives by being offered job opportunities throughout all spheres of the business, this as a result by merely speaking to most of them.  

There is also top quality education on the mission which speaks in volumes on the yearly pass rate that is achieved year on year, majority of learners come through the system and are also employed from within which is a blessing in itself by not looking out for employment on the outside. 

With regards to religion the word does not pressurise nor threatens one but gives you peace and you are certain that one day you will be heading to heaven.   

In my stay to date I have also never in any way been pressurised or threatened at all by anyone from the mission. 

Yours sincerely
Roland Moodley