The Mission Is Not a Sect or a Cult

I was serving in a Dutch Reformed congregation as an ordained pastor when I and my wife, a medical doctor,  decided to join Kwasizabantu Mission. That was after 10 years of regular visits to the Mission.  So, from 1989 to 2014, when I retired from teaching,  I was employed by the school on the Mission premises. My main subject was Biblical studies until it was phased out by the Department.  I also helped with mission work.
My wife has been working as a medical doctor in the area from 1989 untill 2017. Some residents and staff members of the mission came to her for medical consultations. We believe that we have gained a bit of insight into the nature and spirit of the ministry of the Mission. It is our conviction that the Mission is not a sect or a cult as some seemingly restless souls out there are trying to tell us

Thank you.
Koos and Elsabe Combrink