The World Needs the Truth

I’m sure that I will fail to express myself as eloquently as yourselves and your contributors to the Kwasizabantu exposé.
But I have a very simple statement to make.
I would never believe that anybody has reacted or will react perfectly to every and any situation they are faced with. But bare with me when I tell you that through all the years of knowing about Kwasizabantu I have been amazed at the good work they have managed to produce. Surely not without fault, but very much with much success and by that I do not imply monetary success.

It is abundantly clear that your contributors are simply very bitter. And it’s lead them to twist whatever truth there might have been.
You have been very brave to believe everything.
And maybe you should allow yourself the liberty to just step away a bit and see whether you haven’t been totally consumed by a lie or lies.
For one, Erika has mislead you all. Ask her where she matriculated.
The power was in your hands and you used it to ask everyone to boycott aQuellé.
I wonder if you realise that you acted on many untruths and portrayed it all to be the truth.
I am concerned that you used your power to make a horrible mistake.
I don’t believe it’s all lost.
I believe that as you begin to be exposed to the truths and that you realise that you were mislead, you will have the same power to rectify your mistake.
It’s easy to reveal, just as eloquently as you have so far, the real story. And then you can ask everybody to again support aQuellé to carry on their good work.
It takes gumption to stand up and correct a wrong.

I desire, for your sake and for everybody else’s that you would take the right road. If you’ve gone down the wrong one then simply turn around and get back onto the right road.

South Africa needs the truth.

The world needs the truth.