Statement on abuse & cult allegations

Update statement regarding allegations of potential human rights abuses and inappropriate religious ‘cult’ activities.

Further to our statement yesterday, we now address further grave allegations and how we are dealing with them. From the onset, we deny the allegations in the strongest possible way. They are incorrect, hurtful and damaging.

To address the allegations, we have taken board advice from our trustees, external advisors, clients and stakeholders. We are committed to absolute transparency.

In all instances the review panel will differentiate between potential harm at the hands of a specific individual in the organisation and the role of leaders of the organisation. This will be done with the utmost care and diligence not to further any pain already potentially suffered.

With regards to the allegations of potential human rights abuse, we are taking the following action;

  1. Appointing an independent review panel to investigate the criminal allegation in this regard
  2. The panel and its scope will be made available
  3. The report and findings of the panel will also be made available

Further to this, we are engaging with law enforcement agencies to bring to book those engaged in the vicious false allegations.

We have taken a little time to gear up our responses as we have been absolutely shattered and devastated by the baseless and false allegations and social media onslaught. As we regroup, we will respond faster and with more details to both stakeholders and journalists.

On behalf of KwaSizabantu Mission

Statement in response to media reports

We are astounded by the news reports that appeared in the media this weekend particularly because of its sensational, vicious and factually inaccurate nature. KwaSizabantu Mission in Kranskop is an evangelical organisation with good relations and complete openness to other churches and organisations. The Mission teaches no new doctrine and does not believe that it…

KwaSizabantu Mission is not a cult!

The vicious attack on KwaSizabantu Mission is shocking. This media explosion aims to spread rumours and destroy the humanitarian and spiritual work of this Christian Mission. Contrary to their claims, we are not a cult, we are not a sect and we are not exclusive. KwaSizabantu Mission is a middle of the road evangelical organisation…


Kwasizabantu Mission including their projects aQuellé and Emseni Farming have been the subject of a severe onslaught of allegations, including rape, sexual assault, money laundering and being a cult. Most of the allegations are vague, lacking any real particularity. This makes it difficult to respond in a meaningful way. The obvious intention of this machine…


Kwasizabantu Mission and their projects aQuellé and Emseni Farming have appointed an independent two-person panel to investigate the said allegations as a matter of urgency (see a brief biography of the two people and their mandate below). Their mandate includes aiming to arrive at their conclusions by 9 October 2020. Given their training and experience…