You Will Know the Truth and It Will Set You Free

KwaSizabantu means the place were people are helped. Personally I have experienced this. For the help I have received there I will always be thankful. Without the guidance, love, and patience of the people at KwaSizabantu Mission I don’t know where I’d be today.
Going to the mission has strengthened me. It has also shown me how we, the different races in Africa, should work together, loving and respecting each other. I have never seen a place in which there is such harmony between the different races. I have never seen a better example.
I regularly attend the youth week( where 4 000 Zulu, Xhosa, Sesotho and other young people receive accommodation and three meals a day free of charge.)It has greatly helped me and shown me how to face life’s challenges.
If you truly seek the truth, Mr Editor, you will find it.
“You will know the truth and it will set you free.” Does saying these things about the mission make you free?

Yours truly,
Naomi Engelbrecht