About Us

KwaSizabantu is a non-denominational Christian mission station that reaches out to people of all racial and cultural groups bringing a message of repentance and hope and providing spiritual guidance, educational support and counselling. The KwaSizabantu ministry originated in South Africa but has expanded to include centres in several countries.

The mission station is situated between Greytown and Stanger/KwaDukuza in KwaZulu Natal and currently is one of the largest mission stations in Africa. People from all walks of life visit the Mission. Many receive help with personal and addiction problems.

The Mission has a number of non-profit initiatives and successful commercial enterprises which provide funds for activities and educational facilities.

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A book about the Revival - Revival among the Zulus

When God comes down:


Although the whole KSB website is here for general information the following is specifically for those who would like to visit Kwasizabantu Mission:

1. You may need the following contact information - also available on our contact page.

  • Postal: Private bag 252; Kwasizabantu Mission; Kranskop; 3268; South Africa
  • Tel: 032 481 5500/5700 (or 032 4815727 for Reception) (International Code is 27 and the zero of the code is then dropped)
  • Fax: +27 (0) 86 2993808
  • Email: [email protected]
  • GPS: Co-ordinates: S.29º04.811' E.30º57.708'

The Reception does appreciate hearing from you if you would like to visit the mission and they usually request the following information:

  1. Name and surname of visitor/s
  2. Date and time of arrival
  3. Is there a special need? For example, is the person ill and require help?
  4. Flight details. Please state clearly your time of arrival, flight number etc.
  5. If you phone, fax, or email, please write FOR RECEPTION in your subject line.

2. You are most welcome to visit the mission whatever your denominational background. Although Kwasizabantu is Evangelical (see statement of faith) most visitors are from a great variety of churches. Some may not have any church background but are seeking help. Kwasizabantu does not proselytize but encourages people to stay in their own churches.

3. Generally, there is a time limit of two weeks for those visitors who are local (South African); although this depends on the person's needs. The time limit does not apply to overseas visitors since they travel from so far to come here. However, the South African Government does have visa requirements which may limit the time a visitor can spend in the country. (find a South African embassy in your country)

If you need to apply for your South African visa from your country this website gives every embassy.
Renseignements pour les visiteurs

Booking a flight to nearest airport to Kwasizabantu, now direct to Durban King Shaka International ...[see Durban airport information]

Two maps of directions to Kwasizabantu, firstly within KwaZulu-Natal, and secondly on a national map. See maps at the bottom of this page.

4. Some general information which may be useful to you:

  1. Weather information for KZN.
  2. A shop is open during normal business hours. It is a general store and also sells soft drinks and confectionery.
  3. Services are held daily in the auditorium – usually a message by one of the co-workers, at 7:00pm.
  4. Some enquire about diseases. No vaccinations are necessary to visit our part of KwaZulu-Natal. However, should you also be travelling to an area closer to Mozambique or to the Kruger National Park, it is better to obtain information about possible prophylaxis medication. For more info on malaria.
  5. If you are travelling from overseas please make sure that you have a travel medical insurance. This is usually a requirement when you buy your ticket but please make sure that you have one. It is reasonably cheap and can be of great help in a foreign country should illness or accident occur.
  6. General Directions for road travellers:

If you travel from Johannesburg there is the choice of travelling on the toll road or the old main road. The toll road can be taken either to Pietermaritzburg or Mooiriver where the Greytown turnoff can be taken. If you prefer the old (more scenic) route you must take the R103 just before the Toll plaza near Ladysmith. Then turn into the R74 at Colenso. This road will take you all the way to Kwasizabantu Mission. (Be careful of potholes on the road between Greytown and the Mission.)

For those travelling from Durban: take the N2 North and turn in at Stanger/KwaDukuza. The R74 will take you all the way to Kwasizabantu. The mission is about 50km from both Stanger/KwaDukuza and Greytown. There are POTHOLES, especially coming from the Mooi River and Greytown side!