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KSB Mission, an unusual place

Jeremy Jaegle: Yes indeed, Kwasizabantu Mission is an UNUSUAL place for so many reasons, here are a few.
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I Am Grateful

iNkosi Ntuli: Reverend Stegen and Kwasizabantu Mission are always there to lend a hand, giving freely and not seeking be paid back.
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A Tale of Two Missions

Jakobus de Wet: I have known the one mission for 35 years, and the media has presented me with the other only recently.
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Danke Liebe Mission Kwasizabantu

Karoline Rindisbacher-Koller: Ich danke der Mission von ganzem Herzen, dass sie nie vergessen hat, was ihre Berufung ist.
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I Love the Mission

Martha Meyer: On 14 October the Media came to the Mission. Now, since they did not ask me to tell them about the school and the Mission I will speak for myself and of my own experience.
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The Manipulation of Pain in the Media

Eleanor Duvel: I know that your desire to serve God is genuine, and that the media mania does not distract from that higher goal.
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Response to Allegations

Nkosi Zikode: Miss Lydia Dube has been at the centre of helping the youth of South Africa.
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I Had A Wonderful Time

Nomusa Hadebe: I have never known such a place as this ever in my life.
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Louise Pretorius: When names are used, And reputations abused, Within the courts of Fake24, This is called – news.
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Your Letters to the Media

The Mission Has Changed My Life

Roland Moodley: Firstly, I would like to thank our saviour "Lord Jesus Christ" for allowing me this wonderful opportunity to have been led to a God sent place-KSB Mission. 
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I Need Everyone to Know This

Margrit Olsen: These same people who are painted as evil incarnate, are the closest to heaven that I have ever experienced.
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A Special Work of God

Catherine Louw: The negative news reports that have been spread about Kwasizabantu Mission (KSB) disturb me deeply.
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Kwasizabantu Mission


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