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KwaSizabantu is a non-denominational Christian mission station that reaches out to people of all racial and cultural groups bringing a message of repentance and hope and providing spiritual guidance, educational support and counselling.

Reverend Erlo Stegen

I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved or shaken in any way. PSALM 16:8 (NKJV)

He has got to be before us, He has to be our foundation, beginning and end. Nobody else in this world – mother, father, son, daughter – but He, has to be the first in our lives.

Reverend Erlo Stegen

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Ministers Conference 2023

God graciously brought together around a thousand ministers, preachers of the gospel and servants in His vineyard from all corners of the world for the Kwasizabantu Ministers Conference.

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December conference Kwasizabantu

Youth Conference December 2022

The KwaSizabantu Youth Conference took place from 8 to 15 December 2022. Services were broadcast on Radio Khwezi and livestreamed on the KwaSizabantu Mission website in English/isiZulu, German, French, Sesotho and Portuguese.

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Thankful for Rev Erlo H Stegen’s 70 years of ministry

On 11 December more than 10 000 people from all walks of life attended a thanksgiving service to thank the Lord for 70 years of faithful ministry by Reverend Erlo Stegen.

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Malelane Youth Conference 2022

Nearly 500 young people from different areas of the Mpumalanga Province gathered at Schulzendal near Malelane. We thank the Lord that we were able to reach out to these young people with His message of hope.

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March for Life

March for Life

Young and old from the National Alliance for Life, churches and organisations joined their voices one another to affirm that all life is precious.

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Youth Conference Mozambique

Off to Mozambique again!

A team left KwaSizabantu Mission in KZN, South Africa, for Mozambique to assist in hosting two youth conferences, one in Zavora and one in Massinga. We thank and praise the Lord for the privilege to respond, in a small way, to His great sacrifice of love.

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When God Comes Down

Revival began in a small Zulu congregation in the 1960s and has become a glorious work of God.

Reverend Erlo Stegen tells how God ‘rent the heavens’ and poured out His spirit and how the work grew to become a mission station.

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