I will remember him for singing:

“Take me deeper into Your love, Lord.”

“I will return home saying; I have sinned father.”

He really sang well.


He said to me that I must never part from the Lord.


I have heard many good things being spoken of him, about things that he did while still alive. Also, I had the privilege of meeting him personally a few years ago. May he rest in peace, we will always keep him in our hearts.

Mthokozisi Xulu from Molweni, Durban


Even though it is painful, he has completed his work. It is now up to us whether we will live righteously as the servant of the Lord did. We are left with a great challenge. In the morning we will see him if we do right as he did.

I remember him for his preaching during the Youth Conferences in 2000. Reverend Stegen preached the truth to such an extent that a person was deeply convicted and cried.

I remember him for his good work. He did so many good things - I won’t be able to recount all of them. We will miss him; may he rest in peace.

I knew him for his prayers. His preaching was wonderful.

I remember him for many things. He restored people who had lost hope. May you rest in peace, Reverend Stegen. We will remember you for the good things you did for us. I recall him saying, “Let the children come to Me for the kingdom of heaven is theirs”.

Zandile Ngema from Msinga

I remember this man for being able to live with different races, not just choosing his own people. Many homes had food because of Reverend Stegen. We will always remember this great man. He has made an invaluable contribution.

May he rest in peace. Reverend Stegen worked for the world. His choirs were also wonderful and a great blessing.

Rest in peace, Reverend Stegen. You have made an invaluable contribution. Thank you. We will always remember you for the good work that you have done.

I remember him for the song: “Take me deeper into your Love, Lord.”

I will remember Reverend Stegen for coming in 1994 to Sahlumbe at Mtebhelu and giving us Bibles as well as showing us a movie. My uncle Jotham also brought us to Kwasizabantu to attend services. RIP Reverend Stegen.

Rest in peace. Great men will depart, but their good deeds will remain with us. Rest In peace, Reverend Stegen. I send my condolences to the family and Khwezi FM.

I will remember him for how he instructed us during the Youth Conferences. He has made an invaluable contribution. May he rest in peace.

Thank you, Radio Khwezi. I am inside the Auditorium. I know Reverend Stegen as a man who feared and honoured God. God blessed him with everything good that you can imagine. Reverend Stegen was a warrior until the day he was called to the Lord. May his soul rest in eternal peace. We will always miss his good works and for loving people, even black nations. Londiwe Buthelezi from Appelsbosch Kingscliff branch. Thank you. To Reverend Stegen’s family – God is there.

I remember him for coming to pray for us with our grandfather and the Joosten sons when our mother passed away. May his soul rest in peace. Thank you.

I am at the funeral. So many have come from all over the world to accompany Reverend Stegen. I have learnt that all government ideologies are not eternal and will never destroy the will and work of God. I’m so happy to see the Royal Household. I’m also happy to see political leadership standing, supporting and witnessing God’s work. I’m happy and humbled to see different churches and different religions such as the Nazarene Church. Radio Khwezi - stand for the biblical truth. We plead, don’t lose your identity.

I recall Reverend Stegen having a branch across the Tugela at Nkandla giving people free transport to go to Church because it was very far.

#SpeakOut I greet Radio Khwezi. I remember him for preaching the gospel all over the world and that he was the director of Mission Kwasizabantu. He trained us and we are men today because of what Reverend Stegen taught us. iDube lakwaChonco, rest in peach Ndlela kaSompisi. These were his Zulu praise names.

Although I have never met him personally, I have often heard his sermons over radio. May his spirit rest in peace as today is his funeral. I send my condolences. This day will come to all, regardless of who we are. Chief Mntambo from Weenen Ezitendeni

Radio Khwezi, I will remember Reverend Stegen for his sermons, helping those who struggled. RIP.

I did not know him personally, but I know what he did for us and it testifies about him. May he rest in peace. Reverend Stegen worked for the world.


I especially remember his sermons. I was at the mission for Fikile Mnikathi’s wedding. I cannot express in words how blessed I was. May he rest in peace. Thandeka Monareng at Harrismith.


I do not know him personally, but his good works testify about him. RIP.


I do not know him personally, but we have experienced what he has done for us.


I do not know him, but that which he has done for people was very good. May he rest in peace.

I last visited KwaSizabantu Mission in 2013. We visited Khwezi FM and they treated us very well. We left very happy. They gave us vegetables and aQuellé and showed us many things that they do. May Reverend Stegen rest in peace. We pass on our condolences to the whole family of Kwasizabantu.


I am heartbroken. Reverend Stegen worked hard. May he rest in peace.


I did not know him personally, but his works testify before us people and before God’s face.

I will not say much, just rest in peace Reverend Stegen. You have made an invaluable contribution. Don’t forget your children, grandchildren and family there where you are. Keep on guarding them.

Sanele Simba Mthethwa at Nhlangakazi


I will remember him for his sermons that helped a person separate from their sins. There are brethren from Germany who helped me. Had he never come to Msinga, perhaps I would never have believed in salvation. There is much I can say. Rest in peace, conquering hero.

We ask that even if we aren’t there that you arrange Live streaming. What Reverend Stegen has done for us is unparalleled. May the Lord bless him.


I did not know him personally but I heard a lot about the good things that he did for people.


Rest in peace, man of God. It is extremely painful, but God and heaven rejoices. We thank God for lending him to us. He has fought the good fight, but it is painful.


I never knew him personally but that which he did was good and an example. He would send out his cars every Sunday to transport people to church. My heart was sore when there was no-one, but he never gave up even though petrol is so expensive. I say, ‘Go well’. We will always remember him for his good work.

There is much that we will remember Reverend Stegen for. A lot of what I have, I received at his home. May our father rest in peace.


May he rest in peace.


I did not know him personally, but I have heard a lot about what he has done for people. May he rest in peace. His contribution is invaluable.


He was compassionate.


Reverend Stegen did exactly what Jesus said; that the one who believes in Him will do greater works than Jesus did on earth. Jesus’ disciples also cried and were fearful after Jesus’ death because they did not understand that He would rise again. We know that Reverend Stegen is alive and that he is there where he longed to go. What more do we  want him to say to us? What has he not told us? What has he not shown us. He has preceded us to the place he invited us to.

Brethren, we thank God in heaven for Reverend Stegen. He was a true Christian and knew that God hates disunity. He showed this through the true, unconditional love he had for people. We really thank Jesus for giving His child a clear message and for saving him, until we too learned about the way of salvation. Let us celebrate and give thanks and be happy for him who is with the Lord.