Articles by or about Kwasizabantu Mission

List of books published about KSB

`Revival among the Zulus’, by Rev E.H. Stegen
`Erweckung unter den Zulus’, by E. Stegen
`Gott unter den Zulus’, by Prof Dr Kurt Koch
(English translation `God among the Zulus’;  Afrikaans translation `Herlewing onder die Zoeloes’)
`Du nahest dich zur mir’, by Prof Dr Kurt Koch
`Gottes Massarbeit’, by Prof Dr Kurt Koch
(`Bericht über den Absturz eines Missionsflugzeuges’)
`Im Paradies’, by Prof Dr Kurt Koch
`In KwaZulu erlebt’, by Prof Dr Kurt Koch
`Jesu Name ist wunderbar’, by Prof Dr Kurt Koch
`Kraft Gottes’, by Prof Dr Kurt Koch
`KwaSizabantu’, by Prof  Dr Kurt Koch
`Licht am Abend’, by Prof Dr Kurt Koch
(English translation `Darkness or Light’)
`Südafrika’, by Prof Dr Kurt Koch
`In Seinem Namen’, by Prof Dr Kurth Koch & Bärbel Koch
`Ohne Apartheid’, by Prof Dr Kurt Koch & Bärbel Koch
`Überwundene Starke’, by Prof Dr Kurt Koch & Bärbel Koch
`Ströme Lebendigen Wassers’, by Bärbel Koch
`Wo ist ein Gott, wie Du bist? 1, 2 and 3′, by Bärbel Koch (in English `Who is a God like Thee?’)
`God se Genade’, by Welly du Toit (in English `God’s Grace’)
`Opwekking en zondebesef’ (in Dutch), by Theo Visser
`Revival begins with yourself’’ (in Russian), by Ludmila Plett (Dutch translation `Opwekking begint bij jezelf’)

Testimonies of Transformation, by Dr Peter Hammond (Word format)

Revival among the Zulus in Portuguese (Word format)

KSB Newsletter 2002 in Word 97 format (English or Afrikaans)

Summary of Activities at Kwasizabantu

Afrikaans pamphlet about Kwasizabantu

Letter concerning Kwasizabantu (in German) by Charles Guillot, Chief Editor of Idea in France, former Director of Transworld Radio for French-speaking countries, and Vice-President of the Evangelical Alliance of France

RELIGIOUS DECEPTION – By Prof. J.S. Malan (includes analysis of Kwasizabantu)

New Revised version of “God among the Zulus” by Dr Kurt Koch, in Word format (rather download it than read it online)

Revival Among the Zulus by E.H. Stegen (or right click here to download a version in Word format) “Erweckung unter den Zulus” – Buch zum Download; Kostenloser Download des Buches “Erweckung unter den Zulus (6.Aufl.)” als PDF-Datei. Lesen sie was Erlo Stegen über den Beginn der Erweckung schreibt.
Revival Among the Zulus in other languages (Word format): Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish

`Qualms about Christmas’ – by K. Olsen

The Gospel, motor of economic growth’ (French media interview with Erlo Stegen), English translation.

A successful “rural KZN village” …[more]