40 Years of Youth Conferences

40 years of Youth Conferences


Youth Conference – 40 years celebration

Theme: God has plans for you – uNkulunkulu enemicabango ngawe
Jer 29:11

Monday 30 June: The Conference is now in full swing with the first official service starting at 10am. However, there were so many children yesterday that we had to have services for them already. Paster Stegen delivered a service on Sunday morning that set the pace for the week ahead. Today and tomorrow a few thousand more children and teens are expected to arrive. (Please pray that the Lord Himself would be at work in their hearts.) See photos of 29 June here.

Astrid Böger

Glory be to God!

My name is Astrid and I am 39 years old, I live in Germany and have a twin brother. I grew up believing in God and sometimes went to church on Sundays. I thought that God only exists in heaven and that we will all come to Him in heaven someday. I realise now that…

I Love the Mission

Martha Meyer:
On 14 October the Media came to the Mission. Now, since they did not ask me to tell them about the school and the Mission I will speak for myself and of my own experience.