40 Years of Youth Conferences

40 years of Youth Conferences


Youth Conference – 40 years celebration

Theme: God has plans for you – uNkulunkulu enemicabango ngawe
Jer 29:11

Monday 30 June: The Conference is now in full swing with the first official service starting at 10am. However, there were so many children yesterday that we had to have services for them already. Paster Stegen delivered a service on Sunday morning that set the pace for the week ahead. Today and tomorrow a few thousand more children and teens are expected to arrive. (Please pray that the Lord Himself would be at work in their hearts.) See photos of 29 June here.

KwaSizabantu Ministers’ Conference

Programme in PDF REVIVAL – GOD AT WORK Speaker: Rev Erlo Stegen Monday 4 March 2019 19:00 Theme: Revival – God At Work View the Notes as PDF Listen to audio in: English/isiZulu   German  French  Hungarian View video in English/isiZulu Speaker: Mr. Brad Huddleston   CV Tuesday 5 March 2019 9:00 Theme: Technology’s Effect on…

Youth Conference December 12 – 17, 2018

About 4000 people attended the conference this December and it was truly blessed. Many young people gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus and were reconciled to their Heavenly Father. Buses transported youth from the Eastern Cape and other provinces in South Africa. Services were well attended and the response for personal prayer was wonderful…

Mozambique Branch of Kwasizabantu Mission Opened

The Mozambique branch of Kwasizabantu Mission was officially inaugurated on Sunday 16 September 2018 by Reverend Erlo Stegen and the regional Administrator, His Excellency J J Mahesse. The church building, designed to seat 300 – 400 people was packed to capacity so many who attended stood outside. Later in the day many more, who had…

Funeral Of Philip Joosten

Listen to the sermon of the funeral of Philip Joosten View the funeral of Philip Joosten Peter Joosten playing a song at the funeral of his father, Philip Joosten. The KwaSizabantu Choir singing I know that my redeemer lives The KwaSizabantu Choir singing Behold the Lord upon his throne

Youth Conference July 2018

The theme of Rev Erlo Stegen’s message to the conference, “How wonderful is God!” ran like a golden thread through the whole conference.  Since the small beginnings of the ministry until today, it has been God’s goodness, faithfulness and care that has carried us through. After 45 years of youth conferences, we can only praise…

Funeral service of Johan Ligthelm

  Our brother Johan Ligthelm faced many physical difficulties, especially in the last part of his life.  But he remained steadfast and patient with the cross which God had given him to carry.  He often saw himself as the person with only one talent (from Jesus’ parable of the five, the two and the one…

Visitors from Namibia

When Rev Stegen was visiting the west coast of Namibia he met the leaders of the area whom he invited to visit Kwasizabantu Mission. This week three of the dignitaries arrived together with a farmer and they attended the evening service in the auditorium. A spontaneously combined choir sang two songs together for the first…