“A New Beginning”

Wedding of Miriam Pato and Sipho Ngumede

2 Corinthians 5

17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

This is the word from the Bridegroom. It’s a wonderful word. We also read in Revelations how that Jesus makes all things new.

When you buy a car, would you not prefer a new car? Or if you buy clothes you don’t want something already worn by others. It’s something wonderful to get something brand new. One can even smell whether a car is new when you sit in it.

If you really had an experience with the Lord Jesus then He makes everything new in your life and it’s through His power.

Maybe your life is defiled and destroyed and you’re already a scrap. You’ve indulged in all manner of sin.

But there’s nothing like the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ Who makes everything new, and can even restore your life that’s destroyed by sin, to be brand new.

The bridegroom shared His testimony how he was totally swallowed by the world and his life destroyed by sin. He even lost his job and ended up in jail. He was at an end. Then he met up with two ladies who told him that they could see that he was in a bad state and can show him where to get help. They directed him to KwaSizabantu. When he got here he didn’t waste any time, but started cleansing his life the next morning; and so he did day by day while at the mission. After two weeks he had to go according to the mission’s policy, to make space for others.

When he got home his friends came by for a time of drinking. But he told them that he was a child of God and didn’t do those things any more. Day after day they came to him and day after day he told them to leave him as he didn’t drink anymore. After a week he had enough and came to the mission again and found a job here. Then God started to bless him. He restored his home and even got a car. Today he gets married and could pay for everything from his savings. He is a good example of how to save and not waste your money.

Some get married by the lust of the flesh, others because of attraction and beauty, others because they are told to marry by others. But there are a few that marry because God had led them.

Some young men only “hear God’s voice” when they want to get married; and after they are married they never hear God’s voice again.

A person might claim to be in Christ but all the old things are found in that life, gossip and slander, grudges and hatred. If you claim to be in Christ why are the old things still found in your life?

You’re a hypocrite if you claim to be in Christ yet go and speak about other people behind their back.

Learn from the bridegroom who wasted no time when he got the opportunity to get right with God.


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