“According to God’s Will”

Engagement of Robert Maphanga & Zandile Ngobese

John 1

13 children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.

In this verse there are four different wills.

There is such a thing as children being born of natural descent, human decision or the will of a husband – but there are also children that are born of God.

A certain man said that there’s no such thing as getting married according to the will of God. He said that a young man would look at a girl he likes and simply say that it is God’s will to marry her. So he did exactly that. He went around to all the congregations and looked at the girls until he found the one he liked; then he came and said that he felt that God was leading him to marry her. Well there’s a Zulu saying that the most beautiful peach has a worm inside.

They got married saying that it was God leading them into marriage, while it was a lie.

After about three months I got a call from the mother-in-law that the daughter-in-law was seriously ill. They took her to the doctor and the evening they returned. The mother-in-law was shattered. The girl was very far pregnant, and not from her husband. So she asked me to inform her son.

Although it happened many years ago I still remember it vividly. When I told him he was so shocked that I thought he would faint, and he turned white, though he was a black person.

So his beautiful peach had a worm inside, already on their wedding day. They got divorced after that, for their house wasn’t built on a proper foundation.

There is the will of God but there is also the will of a man and of lust, carnal desire.

There’s the story that there was a girl that was desperate to get married. People could see that her personality changed. She was no longer free; her intense desire after marriage bound her.
One night she went and sat alone under a huge oak tree. There she cried out fervently, “oh Lord give me a husband”. She cried more and more vehemently. Eventually her cries awoke an owl that cried, “who”. She said, “just anybody Lord”.

Some girls are like that, falling for any pair of pants.

It’s not only girls that are troubled by that. There are young men too that see their years advancing and so they get desperate to get married.

A certain young man was like that and he prayed that God would give him a sign whom he should get married to. One day he went to a party and he put his collar up, praying that the girl who puts his collar down should be the one. So while he was at the party a big girl, not very good-looking, came to him to put his collar down. So he cried, “no not her, Lord, not her”.

We should not play with this matter but approach it seriously in God’s presence.

There’s the true story of a young man of believing parents that got involved and eventually married to a worldly girl, against his parents’ advice. He forsook his parents and didn’t want anything to do with them. Shortly after their marriage they were involved in a terrible car accident and he was paralysed from his neck downwards. The girl cried when she got the news that her newly wed husband was paralysed. The next day she returned and told him that she is divorcing him for she’s not prepared to live with a paralysed husband for the rest of her life. She took her things and left.
This young man forsook his godly parents and clung to a beautiful, worldly girl that only loved him while things went well.

We cannot play around with God. We cannot take things lightly and live after the flesh.

Blessed are those who live according to God’s will. Jesus said:

Matthew 7

21 Not every one who says to Me ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.

If you haven’t lived according to God’s will in the past today is the day to repent and live according to His will.