Ascend the hill of the Lord without sin

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On behalf of CYPSA on CSE: Elfrieda Fleischman and others

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Testimony by Artur Schmunk

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Introduction Detlef Stegen

These are wonderful times in which we experience various things that may be unexpected, joyous or difficult. Remember that every time you attend a service, God speaks in order to equip and enrich your life for a purpose. You are not here per chance. If you miss out what God wants to tell you, you may find that you are an ineffective member of the body of Christ. If you fail, you will fail many Christians, your congregation and the wonderful purpose God had for your life. This is the time to be awake, to watch and be expectant. Forget your past, your failures and inefficiency. Stand up and stand in the gap. There is a gap which you need to fill whether you were born here or in hellish circumstances. Get up and be what you are supposed to be. May the Lord bless you this morning.

Testimony Artur Schmunk
Thank you for this opportunity to share as many people have asked us about our son so we wanted to update the congregation on his condition. Our second son, Mika, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in June 2019. Tests indicated stage IV cancer and he had few months to live. The doctors were doubtful about operating because the tumour was so large. This came as a total surprise because he seemed to be healthy and the weekend before the diagnosis he competed in cross country. However, we had a deep inner peace about the situation.

Mika was not as easy child. I doubt there was anyone on the mission as naughty as he was. There were times when we did not know what to do with him and we could only give him into the Lord’s hands. One day, however, when he was about 4 or 5 years old, he heard about missionaries in a service. He heard about their backgrounds as well as those who were cooked in the pots of the people they ministered to. He asked us during the service, “What are those people? Mission what?” We answered, “Missionaries.” His response was, “I want to be a missionary.” This surprised us because of who he was. Every now and again he repeated this wish of his. Once when he and I were in the hanger putting the plane back he asked, “Papa, did you want to become a pilot when you were small?” I said that I did. He said, “I want to be a missionary.”

Something then happened in his life because every night before he went to bed, he would come and say that he wanted to confess his sins. This happened every single night. He could not go to bed without confessing his sins and there was much he had to confess. He also went quite deep in his confession. If a thought crossed his mind that felt was not pure, just a word that he said wrong, he asked for prayer because he could not go to bed with that in his heart. When we were not at home and returned late he would write down all his sins. This took him very long because the tumour affected his writing ability, we found out later. If he fell asleep and I carried him to bed, he would wake up and say, “Papa, I need to confess my sins.” We did not teach him that. Our other kids did not do it. He just did it and he faithfully kept at it.

When we heard the diagnosis we realised that the Lord had definitely prepared this child and he was ready to go to heaven. A week after the diagnosis he underwent a very long but successful operation. Once we returned home at night we found a little note which said Lord Jesus, you can come and fetch me any time, I am ready for you. We were therefore quite surprised when he survived the operation. There were some complications and he had 5 operations thereafter. He also contracted meningitis. We were prepared to let him go at any time. But somehow, always at the right time, new life returned to him and the Lord performed a miracle. We live daily on miracles.

We were advised that he should undergo further treatment because the tumour would regrow within a few months even though the operation was successful. Doctors both here and overseas said that if that happened they would not operate again because the cancer is so aggressive. We were advised that the best treatment for this type of cancer and his situation was available in Germany. The Lord performed miracles – He opened doors that were tightly shut. We could travel there, Mika underwent treatment and we were covered by medical aid. The treatment was successful although it is not easy to undergo, even for adults. The Lord helped Mika through that time and it was successful. The machine used was a very special machine and there is only one of that configuration worldwide. The journey there was not difficult or heavy, it was if the Lord went ahead of us and prepared every step. There were the right people at the right time who helped us in whatever way was needed. We want to thank you, each and every one who prayed and is praying for us or who has contributed in any way. May the Lord bless you richly and repay you as only He can do. Thank you to our German brethren for all your help and all you did while we were there, also my French brother whom I love very much.

Lord willing, Mika will begin with chemo tomorrow and this could be the most difficult part of the whole treatment. Because the cancer is so aggressive, the chemo is very strong. This treatment could take a year or longer, we are unsure. We do not know the plans that God has for Mika. He might take him or He might give him back to us, we don’t know but our prayer is that the Lord’s name will be glorified through whatever way He chooses to take us. We appreciate and value your prayers.

CYPSA Elfrieda Fleischmann

Since last year CYPSA has been busy with research regarding CSE, the Comprehensive Sex Education curriculum. During the youth conferences we collected the opinions and thoughts of our young people, the learners in the schools. We hosted various radio programs and telephonic interviews where the parents and educators could air their opinions. We took note of the reaction against CSE in the media and on social media platforms. We had a platform which was open to any opinion and the overwhelming response was against CSE. People also said that learners are a vulnerable group of people and that it is unethical to experiment with their minds and brains. A study was conducted overseas that demonstrated that CSE was detrimental in developing countries.

CYPSA, together with another organisation, has collected signatures against CSE. Communities have requested for an offline petition to be made available. These petitions are available at the Ksb reception desk. From the responses that we have received from the communities, we have published a pamphlet in IsiZulu and English which expresses the concerns that people in our country have about this foreign curriculum. It also gives ideas how we, as a country and a people, can say no to this foreign curriculum. Parents have the right to say no. CYPSA wants to join hands and protect our young people against this onslaught. We have sent various letters to different leaders of the country requesting them to stand with us. The pamphlet and petition are downloadable from our website: Please photocopy or print the pamphlet and spread it throughout your community to inform people.

We cannot remain silent. We need to be wide awake and stand up for that we need to stand up for. CSE originates from America and it is way out of touch with our people at grassroots level. We need to protect our children. We request parents to go to their schools and speak to the principals about this matter. We also request the parents to email us with their concerns which we keep and will report about. The father of CSE is basically Alfred Kingsley. He conducted experimentation on toddlers and infants and he and his team of researchers exploited them sexually. In today’s terms that method of research goes against all international research standards.

CYPSA student Sibusiso Mbelu
I stand here to say thank you, thank you, thank you. When I arrived at the mission my schooling was incomplete due to drugs and criminality but God showed me much grace. He gave me the opportunity to return to school at DSS together with other CYPSA brothers. Through the mission and the opportunities afforded me here, I studied for 6 years and was successful. It was not easy for us to study again because our minds had been affected by the many years of substance abuse. Through God’s grace, He can make all things new. He touched our minds and restored to us the ability to study. That is why I stand here and thank God. I give Him all the honour. I recently received the results for my university studies. I could hardly believe my eyes. They surpassed my wildest expectations. For a BA in criminology I passed cum laude.

Thank you to everyone at the mission – Reverend Stegen, Ms Lydia Dube, the leadership and the co-workers. If it was not for their support and guidance, I would not have achieved what I did. Whatever the Lord has for me in the future is because of what they have done. Thank you as well for your prayers. To take a criminal, put him at a school desk and give him such an opportunity is not an easy thing but God has done it to show that He can change anyone. He can take a criminal and make him a tool that God can use.

Rev Jabulani Dube
I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank the Lord for the rain that we have received. In other areas there is drought but we have not had a drought here. That is a miracle.

Since 1965, in Kingscliff, when I was 16 years old, brethren would give their testimonies and now this continues. It has not changed. Through all the testimonies today we have been blest. One day when I was a boy I felt I should go outside the tent and there was an old granny walking along slowly with her stick. I asked her why she did come into the service but she continued walking. I met her later again where she told me that she had not wanted to go to the service because she knew that her witchcraft would have to come to an end. It struck her that a young boy would approach her like I had. She felt convicted and she gave her life to the Lord. She became a well-known leader in the Mtunzini congregation and was faithful. Just a word spoken to her by a young child troubled her and brought her to conviction.

I was deeply touched by Mika’s testimony. I can witness that God is helping the family, the parents and extended family. I remember my son who passed away. Whether he would have been married or not now, I don’t know. My son visited the mission and during that time made his life right. When he left he was killed in a car accident. He had left me before with these words: Dad, I want to return to the teachers and make right with them and my classmates because I will die soon. I don’t know whether he saw a vision or had a dream. May we all live a life that is ready at any moment, whether the Lord wants to take us or leave us. May we be ready.

There is a word which I would like to share.

The earth is the Lord‘s and the fullness thereof,[a]the world and those who dwell therein, for he has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the rivers. Psalms 24:1 – 2

This is a song of David. In the Zulu Bible it is the following heading: The King of Glory entering through the ancient doors. We are the temple of the Lord. Here David writes about the earth. He says the earth and everything in it belongs to the Lord. This earth is founded upon the seas and established upon the rivers. Take a moment to think about what is happening in this world which belongs to Jehovah. If people respected and honoured this word I doubt they would behave as they do. In this world which belongs to the Lord people stab each other, kill each other, commit crimes. In this world which belongs to the Lord people are arrogant and proud, they tell lies, they defile themselves in various ways. In this world which belongs to the Lord people drink alcohol, they use drugs in various ways. In this world people kill their family members and then themselves. In this world of Jehovah people steal cars, they break into homes, they commit robberies, they fight for position and they kill one another for position, people hate one another, they don’t visit one another. Where will such people end? But people ought to give God some respect because this world belongs to Him and people ought not to do what they do. The Bible tells us about Sodom and Gomorrah and the lifestyle which the inhabitants led. Today people live exactly as the people did in those cities. In this world people live homosexual lives, where a woman marries a girl, a man marries a boy. A single girl may have three lovers, who fight each other and eventually faction fighting may break out. If a family member is blessed, other members of the family will go against that person. They have forgotten that they are in the world that belongs to the Lord.

Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place? Psalm 24:3

Who may ascend the hill of the Lord? Day by day we are climbing, we are ascending. Artur’s family are ascending this hill. They do not want to tire but climb the mountain through the grace of God. Some with whom we were climbing have grown tired along the way. They have turned their backs on us and forsook us. After leaving they have spoken lies about us just as you find in the word of God. Every child of God needs to understand that he is climbing the mountain of the Lord. Daily we meet challenges that seem like a mountain before us but we need to climb that mountain, nevertheless.

We heard about the young man who testified how he climbed the mountain until he was successful and achieved a degree, by being faithful. We need to understand that daily we have to climb. The day will come when the Lord will fetch us, when we have been victorious. Here the question is asked, Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? Are you climbing? Are you ascending the hill of the Lord or have you been hindered by things in your life? Some try to ascend but there are women who stand in their way or things that they find on their cell phone. Some are hindered by thoughts of who they will marry. These things stand in their way. When we prayed and asked the Lord to send down His fire that it may burn. We asked the Lord to pour out His Holy Spirit because our lips were not clean and we have not served Him as we ought to. Have you received the Holy Spirit? Are you pleading for that gift? When God came down He then worked in an unexpected way. He united nations. Reverend Stegen said that there are not two heavens – one for whites and one for Africans. Eventually we understood that message. God brought about something new in our lives. An African would normally get as far as the kitchen in the home of a white person. One would have to eat outside, sit on the back of the pickup but when the Holy Spirit came down He worked on all of us, also  in Kranskop in 1975. Things changed. We realised we are all on the same mountain, ascending the one hill of the Lord. There is only one mountain which we have to climb. And who shall stand in his holy place? Brethren, we are on our way to a holy place. Do you get that? A holy place. Will we be able to stand when we get to that place? You must prepare for that holy place. In order to stand there we need to be holy.

He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to what is false and does not swear deceitfully. Psalm 24:4

You heard Mika who said, “Papa, I want to make my life right, I need to confess my sins.” He did that daily. He wanted a clean, pure heart. Mika’s father said that he did not teach him to do it, it came from within the boy. Children, when last did you confess your sins? Parents should check with their children to find out whether they are making right their life or not. It is your duty as a parent, redeem the time lest your child goes to hell because you never taught him what to do.

We need to purify our hearts. Everyone who has this hope purifies himself just as Jesus is pure. 1 John 3:3 Just as He is pure – clean hands, without guilt. Young man, young girl, are your hands without stain or guilt before God?

People, even so-called Christians, are troubled by lies. Repent from your lies. A person lifts up his soul to lies. This is what takes them up – they swear falsely. A person speaks evil of their brother or sister because they are troubled by lies. This is an evil spirit, a spirit of falsehood that controls many people today. Cain murdered his brother Abel because he saw he was blessed. Some kill their brother with their tongue. You may never have shed any blood but you have spilled a lot of blood of your brothers or sisters through your tongue. Maybe your father or mother reprimands you and you are offended. Young people do not like it if they are disciplined. When a young boy reaches the stage when his voice breaks he begins to think he can do what he likes. Once he reaches the age of 21 his parents cannot tell him anything. This attitude causes you to fail in the ascent of the mountain of the Lord. The shacks you see house young people who do not want to live under the authority of their parents but want to be independent.  You young women and young men, who just produce children out of marriage, where are you heading? Are you ascending the hill of the Lord if you are in a hurry to have children? What do you want? You just want the social grant from the government. God did not create us just to live an animal-like life. He created marriage.

Behold, the Lord‘s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save, or his ear dull, that it cannot hear; but your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden his face from you so that he does not hear. Isaiah 59:1 – 2

This text has the heading: Sin and Redemption in the Zulu Bible. In Zulu the words ‘to be saved’ and ‘to be healed’ are the same. It is good if you are spiritually healed. You are separated from God and He will not answer your prayers if there is sin in your life. God’s face will be hidden from you.

When we sought God at Mapumulo we read this passage in Psalm 24 and we realised that we were not ready to climb that hill of God. Each person examined his own life and recognised their own failure. When we read this word in Isaiah 59 we realised God could answer our prayer for revival as long as there was still sin in our lives. He hid His face from us. Nobody had to be told to go back to people and places and make things right, each one realised it in their own hearts. How is it going with your prayers? Are they answered or not?

If in 2019 you entered the year with the old things in your life and in 2020 you did the same. Do you think God will answer your prayer while you still have that in your heart? You are troubled by a person who failed to greet you. That is why your prayers are unacceptable to God. God’s face is hidden from you, your sins have separated you from God. Ask God for something and see whether He will answer you.

When I ask God for something I go deep. I go down on my knees and plead with God and then I see God answering me. When we really and truly seek God, we cannot pray while seated on a chair or lying on a bed, we go down on our knees and earnestly seek God. Do that and see whether God won’t answer you. You need to pray and separate yourself from your children or your wife and be alone with God. See whether God will not answer you.

For your hands are defiled with blood and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies;  your tongue mutters wickedness. Isaiah 59:3

 Have we spoken lies with our lips? Are we not stained with sin that separates us from God? A person should examine him or herself. Does God still speak to me? You need to know what it means and how God speaks to you. Maybe God has told you to remain behind after the service but you ignore that and just go out.

Moses was a different calibre of person. When God had told him that Pharaoh’s heart would be hardened, he still went to Pharaoh. He obeyed God. Are there those who have hardened their hearts against God. God has possibly hardened your heart and through your flippant joking you are hurting others but you do not realise that you are harming others.

Conclusion Detlef Stegen

David and Isaiah lived at different times in history but both brought the same message. If you want to join those who are climbing the Lord’s mountain, you will experience a fellowship and unity because it is God’s mount. It is not your faith, it is God who works that in you. Each one needs to examine his heart, his hands, his mouth, his eyes, his walk in order to reach that holy place we have heard of today.