“But Now My Eyes Have Seen”

Wedding of Karsten Koller and Nydia Stegen

Job 42

5 I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: But now mine eye seeth thee.

This text was chosen by the bridegroom who testifies how he went through a dark period in his life until the Lord gave him sight.

God’s servant, Job, was a righteous man. Satan appeared before God and claimed that Job was holy because things were going well with him. The Lord gave Satan permission to attack his family, wealth and finally his health. Though Job remained faithful he was full of questions. He could not understand why these things were happening to him. His doubts and questioning were all cleared up when God revealed Himself. Many of us live in darkness and are full of questions. Oh! that God would open our eyes so that we can say with Job, “I had heard of you by the hearing of the ears but now my eyes have seen you.”