He who is controlled by the Lord, controls his circumstances

Sunday service, Rev Erlo Stegen, 02 Sep 2018

Funeral of Philip Jan Joosten

Psalm 25:14

"The Lord confides in those who fear him; He makes his covenant known to them."

Before Philip passed away, in the evening he spoke to his wife. He opened the Bible and read some verses to her. Then he said to her that the person who is controlled by the Lord, controls his circumstances. No-one knew that those were his last words and that in the morning he wouldn’t be there. Don’t resist circumstances, it is the hand of the Potter. What God sends is His way of molding you and you will know heavenly things.

If God controls us, we will control our circumstances. We should receive this from God’s hand because this is His way of working in us. We will know His friendliness and love when we accept what He sends. If it doesn’t look attractive, we must still accept it as God’s gift to us.

Are you hard pressed by the circumstances? It is the Potter that is working in you.

It is amazing when these are the last words a man speaks to his wife. When God sends you some special gift don’t be concerned if the wrapper isn’t so nice - it contains his love, wisdom and friendliness. When you accept what He sends and trust Him, it will go well. God spoke through Philip to his wife. Maybe God will send a precious gift, don’t be concerned about the wrapper. They are precious gifts. When you receive it from Him, then you will understand these heavenly mysteries.

Isn’t it wonderful that a young husband would speak such words to his wife before going to sleep. He who is controlled by God, controls his circumstances. Are you hard pressed by circumstances? If you accept them as God’s teaching, you will be formed into a wonderful vessel. The secret of the Lord is with those who fear him. Don’t push those circumstances away. You will learn to master the circumstances if you don’t reject them.

You must be controlled by the Lord Jesus. One expects such words to come from a theologian but it came from a young father. You will be formed into a wonderful vessel if you submit to Him. These are godly words. If you are controlled by the Lord, you will control your circumstances.

Will you be able to speak in this way to your young wife, before you part from this world? These are words of great importance. You will learn to master your circumstances when you don’t strive against them and the slumbering gifts in you will be awoken. God can speak to any one, not just a preacher.

We need to bear the discipline of God and be formed into a precious, beautiful vessel.