Refined through suffering

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Introduction: Jabulani Dube

We are honoured to have Nkosi Zubane present at this service. Welcome to everyone who has joined us from various places and from the mission. We also welcome our overseas friends.

We hosted the Youth conference this last week. Many young people attended and the auditorium was almost full to capacity with the majority being young men. We saw God working in a mighty way. The young people repented and confessed their sins. We saw His power at work, touching their lives and turning them to the Lord Jesus. The theme of the conference was the life of Joseph. His life touched many lives. We were enriched and blessed through the services.

Next year, the government will introduce Comprehensive Sex Education in our schools. From the age of 7 years children will be taught about sex. Parents, what steps are you going to take about this? Will you allow this to happen in our schools? This topic was handled extensively during the conference. Things like this should not be among our people and in our schools. What are we going to do about this? There are many schools under the authority of the Nkosi – what are the leaders going to do about this? At CYPSA’s 10th anniversary Prince Buthelezi was in attendance. We spoke to him about CSE and he also addressed it. Honourable Nkosi, this will destroy your nation. What does the future hold for a generation that is taught this from age of 7? It is said in English that silence is consent therefore we are going to bark like dogs. A dog that does not bark is useless. A minister must not remain silent even at the risk of being arrested. We need to make our voices heard.

A second very dangerous phenomena is homosexuality which you find amongst boys and girls. This is increasing like wildfire. Do not be at ease, parents, when you have two children of the same gender in the same room, they may be involved in homosexual acts. Ministers are afraid that they will lose their jobs if they are not prepared to marry homosexual couples. They are afraid they will lose their livelihood and not be able to support their families. Would you pay the dowry for such a wedding? Would you attend such a wedding? No, do not invite me to a dirty and perverse wedding – a wedding of Sodom and Gomorrah. Many have been set free but there are still many who find themselves entrapped. Parents, wake up!

Dietmar Joosten

We had a wonderful time with the Nkosi Zubane which filled us with a hope that God will still do great things. There is hope for our country if we have leaders like him.

During the conference we focussed on Joseph who was not an Egyptian. The Lord in His wonderful ways led Him to Egypt to demonstrate his leadership skills in a country where he did not belong. Pharaoh was a wise man because when he realised that he could not handle things on his own so he asked someone else to rule on his behalf.

Jacob lived in the land of his father’s sojournings, in the land of Canaan. These are the generations of Jacob. Joseph, being seventeen years old, was pasturing the flock with his brothers. He was a boy with the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah, his father’s wives. And Joseph brought a bad report of them to their father. Now Israel loved Joseph more than any other of his sons, because he was the son of his old age. And he made him a robe of many colors.] But when his brothers saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers, they hated him and could not speak peacefully to him. Genesis 37:1 – 4


The Bible distinctly tells us that we will be hated because Christ was hated. If everybody loves you, you are worthless. It was clear that this young man was God’s instrument that He would use. It would have been impossible for any man to live as Joseph did but for the love and grace of a God who carried him. We are criticised for not preaching about Christ but that is because you do not hear. It is because of Christ that we are forgiven and we can live the lives that we do. We are criticised for speaking about sin, yes, because Christ came to save us, forgive us and set us free.

When we first meet Joseph he was shepherding sheep with his brothers in the fields every day, as far as we know. But I think the day he stayed at home, his brothers were happy. Are you not the same? If so-and-so is absent then you are happy because you can do what you want. Blessed is that man who enjoys the company of God’s children and his parents who fear the Lord.

But the words: he brought to his father a bad report tell us exactly what Joseph was like and where he stood. What kind of mother did Joseph have? Firstly, his mother could not have children. It took 7 years before her first child was born. Just imagine what his mother must have endured when she saw other women bearing children and she could not. But in all these things God was working in that family. I believe Joseph’s mother was drawn to the Lord because of her problem. She must have wrestled with God because any woman desires to bear children. I believe she was like Hannah who cried and sought the Lord. Do you understand why I believe this mother was different to others?

How much more if we do not bear spiritual fruit? What is the cry of your heart? If you do not have a spiritual child, how does it affect you? Do you kneel before the Lord and cry to Him? Maybe that is what God wants, He wants you on your knees, He wants to speak to you and draw you to Himself. Now do you understand why Joseph became what he was? He had a mother who knew what it meant to seek and ask of God. She possibly passed this on to her child.

The other sons were rebellious and had very evil hearts but Joseph was loved by his father. He gave him the best and treated him differently because he felt something for him. He knew that Joseph was born because of prayer. Do not be worried when you go through trials and tribulations, you have to because that is how God works in your life.

God came to Jacob who loved his son dearly. He did not approach Jacob and say, “Please can I have your child.” He did not tell the father what would happen to his child. God did not ask permission from Jacob. He simply took him and in a way that no person would like to experience. Imagine how Jacob must have suffered because of the death of his son who had been torn apart by wild animals. He must have cried out, many things must have gone through his mind. He might have wanted to die. Jacob carried this cross for about 22 years. Joseph vanished for 22 years. Jacob must have cried and sought God’s face. A parent is like that and God knew it but He never told Jacob to calm down.

When God deals with our children, we react so differently. We fight against the very hand that stretches out to help my child. We only see a person who does not want the best for my child. We criticise because of the manner in which so-and-so dealt with my child. Haven’t you done that? In your heart you ask: why did he have to speak to my child? Why didn’t he come to me? It goes on and on maybe for 22 years. Shame on you! Why did he give my child a hiding? Maybe that happened 15 years ago! Why don’t you go to the Lord and seek Him? Why don’t you ask that person that you criticise? Friends, if we go down that route we lose God’s blessing. In Zululand a child belongs to everyone – if you find a naughty child, you discipline him, you do not first ask who the parents are. You would not consult anyone. The parent of the child would thank the person who disciplined their child. But today things are different. If you have disciplined a child in that way you become the parents’ enemy. They will criticise you and ask why you did not inform them beforehand. This is where the problem lies – children and grandchildren. We descend to their standard because we love and care for them and we do not uphold God’s standard.

The brothers began hating Joseph, especially when he told them about his dreams. They did not see the hand behind it. Do not look as far as your nose. See the Hand behind everything that is happening in your life and the life of your family. Joseph was the second-youngest of the siblings. The brothers said, “Who are you to tell us that we must bow before you?” In today’s language it would be, “We are the new generation – a new generation will tell us what to do.” Isn’t that what is said? Especially in Europe where it seems they have another gospel. They say that this is an African gospel, they have said it for years. They say, “Watch – there is a bomb that will explode in Africa!” “aQuellé will close down tomorrow!” Who started aQuellé? Didn’t God? No human thought of it. God started this work. Beware of false prophets who give you false teachings. They teach and say things because they hate the children of God whom God chooses. That’s it. They say, “Oh no, don’t speak to that person!” Why? Because they do not want you to find out the truth.

Joseph’s brothers could not speak peace to him but Joseph held no grudge, he had no hard feelings. It was God, do you see his attitude? Do not ever say that Joseph is wrong, it is you who are wrong, that is why you talk and feel like that. But Joseph kept going because there were hands that carried him. He knew what was going on but he did not keep himself busy with that, he kept busy with His Creator. The Bible says that in Egypt he saw God before him and that is why he did not sin, that was his secret that kept him going.

Joseph was thrown into a dry well and from that point his life changed. His father was not there to protect and help him. It is easy, young people, to run to your parents and ask them what is good and what you should do. But God was dealing with Joseph and He took everything away from him. Think of it – a young boy of 17 and God removed everything he could lean upon. Young people and children – the secret is to seek God. My parents never told me to come to the mission, I felt it. We have to learn to walk with God. You can ask your parents for advice but follow and obey the voice of the Shepherd. Learn to know Him and you will grow.

Joseph was thrown into prison but he had not done anything wrong. He had no fault. Today people who are faultless and are ‘put into prison’ before anything is known simply because of hearsay. You ‘put them into prison’ in your heart. In the darkest times Joseph still bore fruit. The Bible is clear, bear fruit in and out of season and this was completely out of season. Joseph was all alone. His mind was busy with this matter – he wrestled with God and cried to God. We know the story. Two prisoners had dreams and he prayed and God helped him. He may have thought because he interpreted their dreams the Lord would help him and he would be released but he sat there for 2 more years. 2 years! I believe God was dealing with him, speaking to him and preparing him for the work he had to do. Do not complain when God is doing something. Maybe you are crying and the Heavenly Father asks, “Why are you crying? I am busy with you.” Maybe if we see God’s hand in things our lives will change.

When Joseph brought a bad report to his father about his brothers, I think his brothers were up to nonsense, not only drinking but living an immoral life. Why do I say that? Look at Rueben, the oldest, who should set an example for the others. What did Rueben do? He lay on the couch of his father and slept with a woman there. Do you understand why I think that what the brothers did was more evil than what we think? Rueben was a problem. Esau was also the older son and Jacob the younger but what did God do? When Joseph had his two sons blessed he said, “My father, here are my two sons.” Jacob said to Joseph, “These two boys, Manasseh and Ephraim, from now on will be my children.” When he was about to bless his grandchildren, Jacob put his right hand on the young son, Ephraim to bless him first. This displeased Joseph and he told his father that Manasseh was the older son and that he should begin with him but God knew what He was doing. If you are the oldest child you do not necessarily have all the rights, in reality it was the other way around.

Through the many years in Egypt there was a problem which was sexual. No wonder the devil attacked Joseph at that point. I doubt that Potiphar’s wife was the only woman who troubled Joseph but we only know about her. Joseph teaches us that even in these situations one can overcome. This is part of Satan’s plan today to destroy the lives of young people – they should feel free and not have too many rules, they should learn to know each other, they should live the lives they want to. The children influence the parents. Admit it. Have you ever made that right? Your children know how to get at you, mother. The father is worth nothing because the mother can twist him around her little finger. That is why things are as they are.

Sometime back someone in our immediate family said that our young people needed to be released, there should be sparks amongst them. When there is electricity and sparks start flying, be careful you might be electrocuted! Start this type of spark and you will never know where it will end. That is the truth. Look at Joseph, there were no sparks. He knew that he stood before God. Young people today face many trials such as pornography, music, TV. If you have a TV in your house you will have sparks whether you like it or not. When you see the Hollywood actors you want to be like them.

It is the same when you hear the lies about the mission. Do not tell me they do not influence you, they do. When you listen to a sermon, you will gauge that sermon by what you have heard from others, not by what God tells you. Bring that to the light. Christ is there to help you remove that poison.

Why do I say this? Why do I mention all these things now?

A farmer sent something to me recently. In May 1919 at Dusseldorf, Germany, a copy of the communist rules for revolution was found. These are the rules communists have made with which to destroy nations and take them over. Satan wants to destroy our nation. The communist is anti-God. He hates God. He despises God and religion. He is a chameleon – when in church, it is love, God cares for you, don’t worry about what you have done, don’t be so serious, take it easy, God knows you are just human, you are going too far.
One rule: corrupt the young, get them away from religion and interested in sex. Do you know why Joseph became what he was and why God could use him? He was pure and upright. Now Satan attacks our young people with evil and immoral things that we have already spoken about. Young people cannot carry that, they were not made to carry that. What is happening in our country now? From 2020 learners must be taught comprehensive sex education in schools from the age of 7. Do you understand this corruption? Money corruption is nothing in comparison to what is going to happen to our young people through this type of education. Why will this be taught at school? The government does not want to help us. They do not want to build the country up. They want to destroy so that they can have the best of everything they want. Young people, what will you do? Will you be like Joseph who wanted to be innocent and who said that he would rather go to prison? The government has warned that if CSE is not taught, prison is the next step. Are you going to be a Joseph? Will you be upright and pure? You cannot be a communist and a Christian. The founder of Communism, Karl Marx said, “I want to draw all mankind with me to hell and when I get there I will laugh at them.”

Cursed is that man if you teach children rubbish – whoever you are or whatever position you have. God says you are cursed if you deceive others. The Bible says that it is better for you to have a stone hung around your neck and for you to be thrown into the deepest water if you cause one of these children to sin, to die.

Another communist rule: get the people to focus their attention on sport, sexy, romantic books, films, DVDs, YouTube. Another rule: divide people into hostile groups. This brought disunity into Jacob’s family. The brothers were not one with Joseph and what he was doing. Just imagine if your brother goes as far as to say I will rather kill you. How do they get this right in South Africa? They play the race card all the time. People are constantly divided on the base of colour. The Lord wants all of us to be Josephs. He does not exclude anyone.

It is interesting how God worked. During those 7 bountiful years when there was a good harvest, Joseph worked. It was not an easy job. Can you imagine running the agricultural department of a country? He worked hard. Tell me, what work do you do? Are you like Joseph? Are you working hard (not according to your standard)? Are you really putting all your strength into it? Ask yourself that question. You want everyone else to do the job for you but what you are busy with?

When Joseph took over as second-in-charge, he built a canal which is called Bar-Youssef. How many years ago? Over 3 000 years ago and it exists till today. It is said that this canal brought the water to an ancient Egyptian city. The canal was built from the Nile to the city. They say it became a lush, fertile area. After all these years the works of Joseph still exist. The gardens which were watered by the canal are famous for oranges, mandarins, peaches, olives, pomegranates and grapes. It was said to be an astonishing feat of engineering which took 1000 days to complete. The canal was 15 km long and 5 metres deep. Joseph planned. He understood what was it was coming and asked what he should do. He used irrigation. The Bible says that every seed came up – there was a bountiful harvest.

God wants you in these times in which we live. Do not hide. Do not think you are not worth it. When the Lord chooses you and you become His child, you go through great difficulties and trials. Do not try to understand it now but remain faithful. The Lord can do great things for you. The more obstacles you clear and temptations you overcome, by His grace and strength, the more trustworthy you become. That is why Joseph was trusted. He was trusted because the quality of his life was known. Do not lose what God has given you. South Africa needs young people who live upright, honest and pure lives. Do not settle for anything less. Be faithful in the least and Christ will grant you far greater things. Do not despise humble tasks like sweeping the floor, serving food – be faithful. One day God may want you to give people spiritual food because you were faithful in serving physical food.

In conclusion, just before Jacob died, he said this to Joseph, “…by the God of your father who will help you, by the Almighty who will bless you with blessings of heaven above, blessings of the deep that crouches beneath, blessings of the breasts and of the womb. 26 The blessings of your father are mighty beyond the blessings of my parents, up to the bounties of the everlasting hills. May they be on the head of Joseph, and on the brow of him who was set apart from his brothers.” Genesis 49:25,26
What a privilege! These words help you forget all the hardships you have been through. Don’t you want to hear those words? God says, “I will bless you with an everlasting peace and blessing so that from you rivers of living water will flow.”

Conclusion Michael Ngubane

We thank the Lord for this wonderful, practical word that we can live out. If we want these blessings we need to plan and then do what the Lord says. When Joseph was given this work, it was like a mountain. But he drew up a plan and then he put it into action. The work started because God’s blessing was upon him. With God nothing is impossible. Without Him nothing is possible. It does not matter who you are or how old you are, if God is with you, you are complete. God can do anything through us if our hearts are upright before Him.