Genesis 8

1 And God remembered Noah, and every living thing.

God does not forget like us humans. He did not forget Noah who had not forgotten Him. Though God had destroyed everything He remembered the animals and family in the Ark.

General Henry Havelock in the 1800’s sat down to supper and his wife asked where their son was. He remembered that he had forgotten to fetch him from a bridge in London. He went to get him and found him almost frozen to death. The child had respected his father and waited for him exactly there where the father had told him to wait. We humans forget things like Gen Havelock who had forgotten his son till it was almost too late.

Have you forgotten promises you made to the Lord as a child?

Noah remembered God although all around him forsook him. God remembered Noah and rescued him.

God remembered Hannah too and gave her the child she had implored Him for. Jesus remembered the criminal on the cross next to Him.

A person who cannot honour their parents is rarely blessed in life. They don’t prosper. It is a painful thing that parents are forgotten-never written to or phoned. People often have regrets when they forget their parents and when they die they say “If only….”.

For your life to go well you just have to honour your parents. Even if a person treats you badly you need to treat them well. This includes abusive parents. Children should not mock their parents – this brings a curse on them.

George Washington could not leave his mother in tears when he wanted to go off and be a soldier. Look how God honoured him when he remained at home and didn’t just follow his desires- he became the first president of the United States of America.

Be kind to all old people whatever their race. Don’t be hypocritical like the Pharisees who gave their money to the synagogue but did not honour their parents. Jesus said their offerings were not pleasing to God.

If you can’t obey your parents how can you obey God?

Examine yourself today before your loved ones go into the grave. Do something good to your parent today.

Most importantly, remember your Heavenly Father. Don’t forget Him.


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