“The Excellencies of God’s Loving Kindness”

Psalms 36

7 How excellent is thy loving kindness, O God!

David’s cry to God was to proclaim how excellent God and his workings were.

Can we say the same? Do you see that all he does is excellent? Is He excellent to you?

Or do you moan about what He’s done and doing in your life? Do you thank Him and stand fully on His side? Can those around you say that you know God as excellent?

Satan is out to get our souls and he works hard every day. Do you give God or Satan room in your life? Satan tries to pull you away with the pleasures of this world, honour, position, learnedness, wealth and so on. You need to be open to God alone. Have you given up your own ideas, aims, likes and dislikes to God? Can you say that all God gives you is excellent? Are you satisfied with what He has done for you? Or are you pulled away by friends and their comments and verdicts about things? Do you go to God to save you from being a good for nothing Christian?

Have must have a burning desire to be a blessing to those around you. And you must recognise your responsibility to God and others.

Some, however, find themselves proclaiming the excellencies of other things because they have been infiltrated by the devil and lulled into a lukewarm life. An illustration of this is found with a certain beetle which infiltrates the ants’ nest. Normally, ants will drive away all enemies. But this beetle (read more here) has the ability to secrete a certain juice and ants find themselves intoxicated by this by it. The ants no longer do their hard work and accept the intruder into their nest. Soon the beetle is able to con the ants into providing food for it and its young.
So too, some Christians allow the evil one to enter in and are seduced by his “beetlejuice” into losing sight of their calling and their love for God. Instead of proclaiming the excellencies of God’s lovingkindness they end up being food for the beetle.

Allow God to be your meditation so you can say your dealings have been excellent in my life, O God. Live for Jesus alone. To receive His overflowing life you need to attribute everything to God’s loving kindness. In His light you can see the light. Listen to what the excellent God is saying to you.


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