“The Power of Influence for Good or Evil”

Daniel 5

1 Do we bring light and blessing or do we bring shame?

In Daniel 5 v 1we read that King Belshazzar gave a great banquet for a thousand of his nobles and drank wine with them.

You may say that you do not drink wine or have concubines, but what you do influences other people. If we come together with others the spirit changes, there is noise, feelings are roused and wrong things start happening in exactly the same way as when Belshazzar and his nobles started drinking. Belshazzar started doing things he otherwise would not have done. He brought the cups from the temple and worshipped his idols.

We influence people in exactly the same way. People watch us and read us.

A man who was in prison for drunkenness and stealing, gave his life to the Lord after the minister had visited him many times. Once out of prison, the minister asked him to stay at his house and after a while the minister went to a wedding with him. At the wedding he watched the minister when wine was put before them. He saw the minister drink wine, he also drank and getting the taste of alcohol again, he became drunk, killed a man and landed up in prison. The minister received a message from prison that he was wanted there. He found his friend in prison. He told the minister that he was back in jail because of what the minister had done.

We so easily influence other people and our friends. We talk together and gossip or speak badly of others. We sometimes get into high gear, really pulling the other person down.

It even goes further, like Belshazzar worshipping his idols, when we speak of the work of the Lord and in the same time find fault with other Christians. I think that I only have the right religion.

Don’t get involved with gossip and go against the working of the Holy Spirit.

God never separates people, He only brings together. Only when someone goes against God’s work separation follows.

Do I bring people together? Do I have love and compassion, so that all may be saved and not one person lost?

When Belshazzar was in high spirits, suddenly a hand appeared on the wall and began to write on the wall. Then we read that the queen told Belshazzar about Daniel.

In Daniel 5 v ll,12 we read about the impression Daniel made on a heathen queen. She saw that insight, wisdom and understanding was given to him. He had wisdom as God has.

Do you have that testimony? What do people say of you? Are you known that you walk with God?

In Daniel 5 v 26, 27 and 28, it is written ‘tekel’ which means you have failed the test. ‘Uparsin’ – the kingdom is divided and given to another.

That night Belshazzar was killed and the Medes and Persians took over his kingdom.

As Daniel explained the writing, Belshazzar clothed him in purple robes and a golden chain was hung around his neck.

Will you stand in difficulties or will others take your place? Are you a Daniel or a Belshazzar influencing for good or for evil?