The word of the Lord spread and grew in power

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Introduction Dietmar Joosten

It is our pleasure to announce that CCE is now an independent private college. The first intake will take place in January 2020.
God visited us this weekend. The devil was out destroy God’s work but we have not seen the end of what God wants to do. The more that is written and spoken against God’s work, the more He will work. People have tried over the centuries to kill God’s work but have not succeeded. Last weekend we held a baptismal service and I received a message from an 80 year old who, when she saw what God was doing, she was reminded of the day when she was baptised as a young person. That fire is still burning.

We have had a series of services over the past few weeks and the Lord has worked. The Lord revealed things. People searched their homes and went through their wardrobes. God visited us and many received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Pray for these young people that the fire that has been kindled will continue to burn and go wherever God wants it to go.

Michael Ngubane

We thank the Lord for what He has been doing. We are moving forward and if you stay behind, you will be left behind. It is amazing what God is doing. He touches the lives and hearts of people and judges them. People realise that they can no longer live with certain things in their lives. Certain activities and things become evil because they use the time a person could spend in Bible reading or prayer. In itself, it may not be something bad but because of the effect it has on a person’s relationship with the Lord, the object should rather be burned than the person himself.
How long will you continue walking the walk of faith with sin in your life?


Jabu Majola
(Ms Majola shows and explains some of the objects which are to be burned)

Satanism is like a drug which is greater than any other drug but even Satanists can take part in His grace. These papers I have here have been given by those who have left Satanism, such people live off the blood and flesh of people. These are the signs they use and which they bring once they break with Satanism. These rubber bracelets have codes inside which bind the wearers. These are cheap and easily obtainable – children also wear this. When people come to repentance, they bring these fetishes to be burned. These necklaces are used for different purposes. This one has a cross on it which the wearer claims portrays Jesus but inside these crosses are snakes. In this way Satan rules the lives of the wearers. When people wear them they claim that they have the cross of Christ but the spirit of Satan enters them. His purpose is to deceive Christians and put them under a spell. Here is a ring – one of many. Satanists wear them on all fingers. This ring is used to cast a spell on people. It is thrown in front of the person. It has power and there is a snake in it. It is used in the churches. If a person confesses his sin, a ring like this has no power over him. The revival gospel protects us from these evil powers. These rings are used to enslave people through different spirits. The ring is prayed over and they ask Satan to use the ring so Christians can be affected and demons will be activated in their lives. The power of Satan causes Christians to live lukewarm lives, be critical and fault finders. If people confess their sins, they stab and hurt the Satanists because through sinning Satan enslaves people. If people come to Christ with their sin they expose the devil’s works and his cause. You ought not to be in a church and be lukewarm because you will be a target for Satan who will bring you dreams and spirits that will enter you. Because of the gospel message of confession people can part with these powers and experience victory. They could not get victory over these spirits but this gospel message can set them free.

The Satanists have singers who influence people who think their songs are wonderful but they do not know what the origin of these songs are.

We praise God for a gospel that can overcome the powers of evil. I thank Rev Stegen who brought the gospel of the revival message and through it people can be saved from the evil of this world.

Sermon: Michael Ngubane

We have to hear this because it is not God’s will that we should walk in darkness. The light came to the world but the people chose the darkness rather than the light. God has been gracious to us allowing us to speak the truth so that people go into the world and things can be clear.
Rev Stegen, thank you. If these mysteries had not been revealed to you where would we have been today? We thank you that God revealed the truth clearly.

Paul says, “I am not ashamed of this gospel because it is the power of God.” The mystery of this gospel is that it contains a hidden power. God’s power helps us to walk in the light. God has given us light through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul said that he was not ashamed or embarrassed by the gospel. It has the power to separate men from sin. Many people find themselves doing and thinking things that they do not want to be thinking and doing but the power of God saves them and sets them free. If we allow God His place, He sets us free and works in our lives. We thank God for the power which can break down strongholds of Satan.

Paul preached in different places. People repented. They confessed their sins and brought things that had to be burned to the disciples.

17 When this became known to the Jews and Greeks living in Ephesus, they were all seized with fear, and the name of the Lord Jesus was held in high honour. 18 Many of those who believed now came and openly confessed what they had done. 19 A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly. When they calculated the value of the scrolls, the total came to fifty thousand drachmas. 20 In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power. Acts 19:17-20


What we read in God’s word is taking place in front of our eyes. When God spoke to the Christians about things they possessed, they brought them to be burned. What are the things that capture people these days? The things they hear and see. There are brethren in church who do not make progress because they look at and listen to things. If they allow God to work and speak to them, they bring these things to be burned. You may not enjoy reading but the devil captures you with things you can watch. What have you been looking at and listening to? People no longer need to buy magazines and books from bookshops because they have everything in their pockets, on their cellphones. People are captivated by porn on their phones. We thank God for this gospel because it judges a person, God breaks into the darkness and points out what is wrong and it can be dealt with.

Young people are about to enter into the holiday period and spend time with their families. Are your family members spiritually sound? Is it safe to be with them? Some young people will look at things that belong to married people. They will eventually have more knowledge than their parents and become captured and swallowed up in sexual matters.

In the time of the apostles, the people brought these things to the light because they realised they had to separate from these things. We thank God because they have been set free. When you are caught up by these things you have no desire or time to read your Bible or pray.

Some objects were displayed which were brought to be burned: a knife; a dagga pipe; a clay pot used by sangomas and inyangas; a forked stick which is used to stir with and then the devil speaks. People drink the liquid in the pot, they vomit and this enables them to be loved by the opposite sex; an idol used by Satanists; ointment in a Vaseline bottle which makes people fall asleep when reading their Bibles; bottle of medicine – if a person wants a job, they drink the medicine or wipe it on their faces around their eyes and the potential employer will employ the person; fetishes; a weapon used to stab and harm people; jewellery with numbers which if worn, place the wearer under the power of the devil; a book about detailed sexual activity, the marriage bed is a small part of marriage but married people read this and become obsessed with sex; some books are innocent but the way in which the books were obtained is evil; Popular Mechanics with a  face of a demon on the cover – page through the innocent magazines your children buy; DVD about Gladys Aylward produced by Hollywood about missionary. They added a romantic relationship between Gladys and a Chinese general. This was false. The theme of Hollywood is always boy meets girl. Be careful about the books your children read that have romantic details added in.

Girls are not as easily caught into porn as boys. Out of every 4 people, 3 are males and 1 is female. How are girls dragged into porn? Through romance, a love story. The girls dream about falling in love and marriage and in the process they make contact with raw porn; lipstick; a popular book – Spud; a dress used by a prostitute; a book about same sex attraction, making heroes of homosexuals. If you are a male, every cell in your body is male. The stamp of a male is in each and every cell in his body; violent videos; cigarettes – the attraction of cigarettes scientifically is stronger than any drug; cell phones; Black Mary lucky charm; dagga – nothing does as much harm to your brain as dagga. It changes the structure of your brain, it will never be the same again.

The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ conquers and is victorious. We thank God for this place where people can be helped, their lives set free and changed.

The KwaSizabantu Choir

Special Choir