We need not fear the future

Sunday service, Erlo Stegen, 07 Jan 2018

Matthew 2

Christmas and New Year is passed. And we trust that the One Who has led us in the past will also lead us in this year. We need not have fear of the future.

He who kept Joseph and Mary safe from the wrath of Herod will keep us safe in this year too.

As God was able to check Herod’s fury to kill Jesus, so He can protect us from satan’s fury. And we can be courageous with the Christ-child and do exploits. We have this hope in us that with the Christ-child we shall be more than conquerors. Herod’s anger matter not. Let’s learn from Joseph and Mary.

Take after Joseph and Mary. Watch and pray. There’s nothing as marvellous and wonderful as receiving the Lord Jesus into your life. But beware, satan will come with the full fury of hell and will try to destroy Him.

If you’ve received the Lord Jesus and then satan manages to destroy Him in your life it’s a tragedy!



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